COYS Nürburgring Auction - Saturday 11th August 2007

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Estimate: €70,000-90,000

Sold: €83,543

Starting with an original body of a McLaren M1C, this car was built by LMP to test CAD/CAM techniques and design tools for tube laser-cutting and milling, as well as body-surface-scanning and recreation techniques for a future project. Although all CAD drawings exist, this project only generated a single prototype as auctioned by Coys.

This McLaren M1C by LMP is a complete recreation and the complete CAD build of the car enabled a precision and quality to be achieved which surpasses any original car. All parts are new with the exception of the restored original bodyshell. The chassis comprises laser-cut spaceframe tubes with riveted and bonded aluminium panels, TIG welded with precision to an accuracy of less than 0.2mm. Suspension, using cast uprights for all four corners, is fully adjustable and rose-jointed with double wishbones and trailing arms at the front, reverse A-brackets with long radius rods at the rear and adjustable anti-roll bars front and back; all suspension parts are nickel-plated and non-suspension parts chrome-plated. Braking is via AP Racing, four piston calipers and 330mm ventilated, vane discs with Ferodo pads all round, while the BBS wheels are 11.5in x 16.0in wide at the front and 14.0 x 16.0in at the rear with magnesium centres and aluminium rims.

Power is provided by a completely overhauled 5.7 litre Chevrolet V8 with a forged crankshaft, Crane camshaft, solid lifters with stud girdles, and quadruple Weber 48 IDA carburettors. Tuned by Victor GŸnther Racing on a flow bench, and with a dry sump oil system with two Mocal oil coolers, estimated power output is 430bhp. The engine, which has not yet run, is protected by a special lubricant to prevent corrosion; high pressure grade fuel and oil hoses and Goodridge Aeroquip connectors are used throughout and the exhaust is 3D-CAD designed with bended stainless steel and polished headers and primary tubes made to within 1mm equal length. Connected via a Tilton racing clutch, the transmission is a five speed Hewland DG300 transaxle, a service manual for which comes with the car.

Inside, the cockpit, which will accommodate drivers up to 6ft 4in in height, is fitted with a fully adjustable seat and pedal box as well as a detachable steering wheel, together with a powder-coated dashboard and Racetech instrumentation. Two aluminium foam-filled fuel cells are employed with integrated catch tanks and each of 70 litres capacity. Please note that prior to running the suspension will have to be set-up and the engine and transaxle pre-lubricated.

Representing an almost unbelievable piece of modern engineering - developed without regard to cost and with not a single corner cut - this is without doubt the ultimate evocation of the classic and beautiful McLaren M1C.

Reference Number 11809

as of 7/28/2007

Car 2006 CAM AM M1C