1961 BMW 700SOLD

COYS Nürburgring Auction - Saturday 11th August 2007

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Estimate: €7,000-9,000

Sold: €4,662

During the post-war period BMW found it hard re-building its car manufacturing industry, but due to determination and forward thinking developments in design and manufacturing it started to evolve. In the early 1960s BMW launched the 700, a small, economical family car powered by a R67 flat-twin cylinder, 697cc, air-cooled motorcycle engine. A turbine at the end of the crankshaft was fitted for cooling purposed and this proved very successful and efficient and gave the car ample power for city driving. The engine's ingenious design was closely matched by the 700's desirable styling which was the work of well known Italian designer Giovanni Michelotti, who endowed the car with practicality along with a very neat and well styled body shape.

Over the course of its production run many people got involved in modifying the engine's output and raced and campaigned these little cars with notable success. Between 1960 and 1965 the BMW 700 secured 22 international class victories in hillclimbs, rallies and touring car races. A very creditable achievement considering its original intension was for city driving.

This particular car was built in 1961 and is said to be in very good condition in all areas, including the red coachwork, electrics and the mechanical components. This really is a rare and historic little car, released from a small Italian collection, and a great opportunity.

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as of 7/28/2007

Car 1961 BMW 700