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1969 Chevrolet Camaro

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There are a lot of 1969 Camaros out there, and if you've been looking for something special, it can be tough sorting through all the clones, botched restorations, and just plain tired old cars. Let's face it, most of these cars led hard lives and few people have the time or resources to restore them to top-flight condition. But once in a while, a unique opportunity presents itself and your dream car shows up. With only 62,410 original miles and a 100% matching-numbers drivetrain, this heavily documented 1969 RS/SS coupe is the one to own and one of the better 1969 Rally Sports in the world. The difference between a merely nice car and an investment-grade car is always documentation. General Motors didn't do today's enthusiasts any favors with their VIN and cowl tag information, and it's very easy to turn a garden-variety 6-cylinder Camaro into a fire-breathing SS. Fortunately, this SS is heavily documented in the form of the original window sticker (not a reproduction), which documents this as a real Dusk Blue SS with the hi-po L48 350 and a 4-speed. Other options include rear window defogger, am radio, special interior group, auxiliary lighting, heavy duty rear springs, tinted glass, front and rear spoilers, and the Z-27 options such as disk brakes and power steering. This car also includes the original Protect-O-Plate and warranty booklet, insurance information books, the dealer "car shipper" invoice, as well as the original owner's manual and packet, which was not purchased on eBay, but is original to the car. Original paperwork cannot be duplicated or restored-a car either has it or it doesn't-and as a result, documented cars such as this one remain at a premium with collectors. Under the hood, you'll find the original numbers-matching L48 350, which was rated at 310 horsepower in 1969. During the restoration, it was rebuilt to stock specifications, with the only deviations being an .020" overbore and hardened valve seats for compatibility with today's unleaded pump gas. On the dyno, it cranked out 312 horsepower and 383 pounds of torque, more than enough to make this car extremely entertaining to drive. The engine bay is in factory correct condition, and all the components are the original, date-code correct pieces that were on the car when it was built in late 1968. Things like the starter, alternator, water pump, radiator (with a fresh core), fuel pump, power steering pump, even the windshield wiper motor, are all original to this car and rebuilt to factory fresh condition. The original power brake booster was replated, and the radiator cradle still carries the original tag. A fresh reproduction R-59 Delco battery looks exactly right in the original tray. All factory markings and decals have been replicated and are correct for this car's date of production. Even the original A.I.R. emissions system is fully functional, which was usually the first thing new Camaro owners removed when they got home. Carb is the original 4-barrel Rochester, date coded correctly, rebuilt with ethanol friendly parts (part # 7029203). Original transmission & rear end tags are still intact. Extra care was taken to preserve original finishes and materials where possible, leaving an exceptionally original and authentic engine bay. All engine, drive train, body numbers and dates are original to this car and all numbers match. All codes date to the Oct-Dec 1968 time frame, hence this car receiving a "short" rear spoiler from the factory. The short 67-68 style spoiler is original to this car and correct with it being an early build 1969 model. The car was completely decoded and all numbers, manufacture dates were written down and will be included. Cowl plate is intact and verifies all information known. Car was built the first week of Jan.-69 and delivered to the dealer Jan.-10th. The engine spins the original Muncie M20 4-speed manual transmission, which is augmented by a heavy-duty Centerforce clutch. Out back, the original rear carries 4.10 gears on a Posi, which deliver neck-snapping acceleration thanks to the high-revving small block under the hood. The floors are all original sheet metal that was merely steam cleaned and given a fresh coat of factory-style undercoating. The Leaf springs, rear, cross member and subframe were sandblasted, epoxy primered, and painted satin black, as it would have been at the factory. All the ball joints and steering components are factory original, which should give you a better idea of how gently this car was used. All new stainless steel brake lines were installed, along with new fuel lines, and correct grey Delco Remy shocks. The exhaust system is NOS featuring 2-1/4 inch aluminized tubing with the correct stainless steel clamps, as well as the correct hear riser. Even the correct code numbers have been replicated on the exhaust tubing outlets. This car also comes with two sets of wheels: the original date-coded steel wheels with trim rings and hubcaps wearing vintage Goodyear Polyglas tires, as well as a set of Torque Thrust D's wearing special SS caps and with modern BFGoodrich radials measuring 235-60-15 on the rear, and 215-60-15 on the front. This is an original code 51 Dusk Blue car, making it extremely rare today. Only 4% of all 1969 Camaros were painted Dusk Blue, and only a tiny fraction of those were RS/SS coupes. Dozens of hours were spent getting the original sheetmetal into pristine condition before the Sikkens two-stage urethane was sprayed, and the result is an incredibly straight Camaro with body gaps the factory could only dream about in 1969. The paint is deep and lustrous, with just the right amount of metallic. The white "hockey stick" stripes have been painted on and buried under the clear, and they are so completely seamless that you can't even feel them when running your fingers over the edges. Every square inch was color sanded and buffed, and the result is a show-stopping car that draws a crowd whenever it's parked. All the chrome and trim is original to the car as well, and anything that wasn't in show condition was straightened, polished, and re-plated to better than new condition. The glass is all original to the car with correct date codes, and is indicative of how beautifully preserved this Camaro really is. This car also carries rare RS covered headlights (which are fully functional), as well as optional headlight washers and even its original T3 headlight bulbs! More evidence of this car's exceptional care throughout its life can be found inside, where the original black bucket seat interior is still intact and in excellent shape. Only the carpet has been replaced, and it is a high-quality reproduction set with the correct weave and nap. The gauges are all original and have not been rebuilt, including the auxiliary gauges on the center console, and the mileage shown is accurate. The AM radio still pulls in stations loud and clear, and the dash pad shows no fading or sun damage, remarkable for a 42 year old car. The seats are still firm and comfortable, and the seat covers have a level of detailing that the aftermarket replacement kits just can't seem to duplicate. In back, the rust-free trunk carries a correct mat, full-sized spare on a date-coded steel wheel, and a complete jack assembly. This car is no stranger to competition, either. Since the restoration was complete, this car has won five Super Chevy awards, three Editors' Choice awards, a 'Heartbeat' award at the Camaro Nationals, a Chevy 'Bowtie' award, Best of Show at the Camaro Nationals, and various other awards such as "Best Stock 1969." This remarkable Camaro has been featured in magazines like "Super Chevy," "Camaro Hi Performance" (where it received a three-page spread), and it is the featured car in the 2002 Standard Catalog of Camaros, 1969 chapter. Many enthusiasts prefer the superior driving dynamics of the small-block Camaros, and this SS 350 was clearly purchased in early 1969 as a toy, not a daily driver. In fact, it was only used for six years and 58,000 miles before going into storage for several decades, only to be revived and restored to its current condition by the second owner. Combined with an extensive documentation package, a restoration photo album, and only two owners from new, this is a no-stories investment-grade SS/RS. If you're a true Camaro enthusiast, you know how rare a car like this truly is. It's also beautiful, fast, and fun. Forget the clones and amateurishly restored cars without histories-if you're an investor looking for the best, you've just found it. This vehicle is located in our Atlanta showroom. For more information, please call (678) 279-1609 or toll free (877) 367-1835.

Reference Number 119104

as of 3/17/2011

Car 1969 Chevrolet Camaro
VIN 124379N570465 
Mileage 62,410 miles 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
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