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1973 Ford Torino

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If you think of a Ford Torino, you undoubtedly imagine the red and white 1974 Torino from the "Starsky and Hutch" TV show. But if the only thing you know about Torinos is that unique bit of pop culture trivia, you're missing out on some really wonderful automobiles. The mid-sized Torino was Ford's answer to the Chevrolet Chevelle, a big, comfortable car with enough performance baked in to keep things interesting. By 1973, emissions standards and fuel economy concerns had killed the muscle cars, but Ford was still putting big engines in the Torino, and the result was a surprisingly quick car with great road manners and enough room for the entire family. This 1973 Torino Sport is an excellent example of why the Torino was so great. With athletic proportions and a fastback-styled body, there was no question that this was a performance car. But it was a performance car for adults, so you can forget wild paint schemes and juvenile names. This car's vivid yellow paint job was not a factory option in 1973 (the closest you could come to yellow was something called "Ginger"), but like the bright red from the TV show, the shape looks brilliant with bold colors. Nicely applied over some straight sheet metal, this is the kind of car that you'll see at shows and be pleasantly surprised by how attractive they are. It's easy to see yourself behind the wheel of this big cruiser, looking out over that blacked-out hood with the Shaker scoop, and listening to the rumbling V8 underneath. The paint is two-stage urethane, which gives it an incredible shine that is most definitely not from the 1970s. Matching the blackout hood treatment, there's a rocker panel stripe and a black sport wing on the back, which provides just enough contrast to the yellow paint. Heavy chrome bumpers were part of the package, and they are in excellent condition on this car. You'll love this car's super clean black interior, which features matching front and rear bench seats with a sporty insert-style upholstery job that make it look like a four-seater. The standard Torino dashboard was already full of useful gauges, and it looks right at home in the Sport. Look hard enough and you can see the car's luxury underpinnings, and the spacious cockpit is bright and airy despite the black upholstery. The gauges are all original, and the odometer shows just 72,145 miles, which are original to the car and documented. An upgraded Kenwood AM/FM/CD stereo system has been installed in place of the original AM radio, and uses speakers in the rear deck to deliver the sound. It's obvious someone really cared about this car throughout its life, and the modifications are both tasteful and appropriate. Under the hood, there's more proof that this has always been someone's cherished toy. The 351 Windsor is the original, numbers-matching engine and it has been dressed up for show in a fresh coat of Ford corporate blue paint. Trick cast aluminum finned valve covers that say "COBRA Powered by Ford" are cool replicas of the items found on Shelby's finest machinery. The Shaker-style hood scoop is purely for show, but is nicely finished and a great addition, since it was discontinued after the 1972 model year. The rest of the engine bay is extremely clean, and is further proof that this car has been well maintained since day one. Have a look underneath and you'll find Ford's indestructible C6 3-speed automatic transmission powering a 9-inch rear end. Look a little closer and you'll see just how solid and clean this car is, with floors that look like they haven't seen rain in decades. A true dual exhaust system has been installed, and uses glasspack-style mufflers to deliver a throaty rumble that perfectly fits this car's mission. The suspension and brakes are stock, and it rolls on a set of flashy alloy wheels with modern performance radials. While the Chevelles are getting all the attention (and their prices are skyrocketing accordingly), the equally nice Ford Torino provides a worthy alternative. This exceptionally solid, well-maintained and tastefully modified fastback drives as well as it looks. Take it out on the open road and find out why Car and Driver wrote that the Torino was as "..quiet as a Jaguar, smooth as a Continental, the Torino's ride is exceptional...even with the competition suspension." If you're a blue oval fan looking for something a little different, you owe it to yourself to take a closer look at this Torino. This vehicle is located in our Atlanta showroom. For more information, please call (678) 279-1609 or toll free (877) 367-1835.

Reference Number 119416

as of 3/20/2011

Car 1973 Ford Torino
VIN 3A35F250779 
Mileage 72,145 miles 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Automatic 
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