1905 Sunbeam 12/14SOLD

A really lovely and powerful Edwardian sporting motor car

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Sunbeam were a well known manufacturer of high quality cars and this model epitomises their generally sporting approach to motoring. It has a powerful two cam side valve four cylinder engine attached to a four speed gearbox with chain drive to the rear wheels - by the way you can change the chain sprockets to alter the gearing if you want to go rallying in hilly terrain or you can fit higher ratios for better overall touring speeds. The engine has been fitted with an electric starter so, as well as avoiding backstrain starting it on a cold day, you can cheerfully drive in modern traffic without having to worry about stalling the engine and facing the ire of a queue of some perhaps less than sympathetic 21st century road users while you get out and swing the engine! The steering is surprisingly light and accurate, the brakes perfectly adequate unlike many other cars of the period and the ride is firm but comfortable with no body roll or bump steering. The two seat body incorporates a smallish luggage compartment though there is plenty of room for cases etc on the rear platform. It also comes with a demountable dickey seat if you want to take your friends out for a spin. The car, which has been in the same ownership for nearly 25 years and comes with a remarkably comprehensive diary of activities, events and papers relating to it, has clearly been properly maintained and regularly used on all sorts of events including European rallies so it goes really well and gives the strong impression that you could quite cheerfully go touring in it tomorrow.

For readers with an interest in the annual RAC London to Brighton Veteran Car Run, this rare and extremely well documented car, registration number SJ25, is very well known in European old car circles. I understand that it was manufactured earlier than the other two 12/14 Sunbeams which participate in the London to Brighton Run but, although it had previously been a regular Brighton Runner, it had never been dated as pre 1905 by the VCC so it didn't qualify for Grandfather's Rights and can no longer take part in the Run. The good news is that because it isn't eligible you don't have to pay a Brighton Car premium for it so you get nearly all the fun for a lot less than half the price. Please note that it most definitely is eligible for just about every other veteran car event as well as Vintage Sports Car Club Edwardian events and those of many other old car clubs worldwide!!


Reference Number 119552

as of 4/12/2013

Car 1905 Sunbeam 12/14
Configuration Right Hand Drive (RHD) 
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