1964 AC Cobra 289 CompetitionSOLD
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Original owner: Patsy Mondloch, Wisconsin Independent Competition Car, 289 Cubic inch engine, 4-Speed transmission,
Original color: Vineyard green,
Original interior: Black,
Original wheels: 6ö painted wire.
Shelby American Registry write up: Completed 5/11/64; shipped to L.A. Via boat.
Owned by Brooke Perkins '67 and SCCA-raced. Possibly also owned and raced by Dodge Olmstead (Arlington, VA).
Purchased by Dave Johnson/White Tiger Racing (Milwaukee, WI) and converted back to street.
Purchased by Dan Schott (Oshkosh,WI) and converted back to race.
Purchased by Steve Mondloch (WI) '75.
Restored by Mondloch and finished '81 ; black/black, Webers, internally-widened wheel wells, race 289 engine, 7-in./8-in. chrome wires.
Owned by wife Patsy Mondloch.

Reference Number 11970

as of 8/3/2007

Car 1964 AC Cobra 289 Competition
VIN CSX2433 
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