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1969 Mercury Cougar

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If you're a Ford guy, you know that the 1969 first generation, third year production Cougar is something special. This is arguably the best-looking year for the Cougar, and it's also the year many of the best features were first available. The 1969 model was the first year the 351 Windsor V8 was available, the first year of the convertible top, the first year the grille sported the attractive horizontal bars, and the car was additionally equipped in '69 with a higher-performance, tuned suspension and handling package that made it a serious competitor on the street. Dressed in the beautiful, factory original Light Aqua paint, this is an amazing car to look at, and this Cougar is no stranger to turning heads. The body is straight and the paint shines like it just left the factory. This car underwent a restoration in the mid 80's and has been kept in pristine condition ever since. When restored, the car was repainted in its original Light Aqua, and it still looks great today. In fact, this car is one of only 258 produced in the Ford #3191-A Light Aqua paint. Speaking of rare, making this car even more collectable, is knowing that this Cougar is one of only 169 ever produced in this color with a convertible top. That's right, one of only 169. Speaking of the top, this is a fully-functional, factory-installed power convertible top, and it works great. Between the production numbers and the quality restoration, this is a very collectable car. Under the hood is a highly-desired, and often feared, #'s matching 351ci 290hp Ford V8 Windsor engine mated to the FMX Merc-O-Matic automatic transmission. With the 290 horses the new engine produced, the 351 engine made this car a delight to drive, but made it harder to define what the Cougar is. Adding a 351 to the Cougar lineup seems obvious now, but at the time, it was considered an aggressive upgrade on Ford's part. With this kind of performance, and a Ford 9" rear, this car could blast down the straight, and with its new suspension upgrades it could also hug the turns with the best of them. The Cougar was now a bona-fide muscle car, but in staying true to its Cougar pedigree, it also kept all the creature comforts, handsome looks and attractive styling that had made it so popular, and such a pleasant place to be. This car delivers high-performance wrapped in the finest comfort of its day. Speaking of comfort, this Cougar is loaded with options. This car has cold-blowing Whisperaire factory A/C, bucket seats, center console, power steering, power brakes, power windows, and a power convertible top. This car also came complete with AM/FM Stereo, factory-tinted glass, and remote control driver-side mirror. As any Cougar enthusiast will tell you, a notorious problem-area on this car can be the vacuum-controlled hideaway headlights. However, you don't have to worry. The hideaway lights on this Cougar still work great. You won't find any vacuum leaks or lazy headlights on this car. As you'll see, this car was maintained original, but also maintained in solid running condition. Keeping this striking combination of beauty and brawn glued to the road are era-accurate, bias-ply white-wall tires mounted to front disk and rear drum brakes. As you'd expect with a car like this, documentation is key. This car comes complete with original owner's manuals, window sticker, restoration documentation, receipts and pictures, sales brochures and a detailed Marti Report. So come to our showroom, and see for yourself a classic Cougar that looks sharp, runs strong, is loaded with options that still work great, and boasts the true factory performance that made this car unique. If you're a fan of late-60's muscle with driver-quality comforts, don't let this stunning '69 Cougar get away.

Reference Number 119781

as of 3/24/2011

Car 1969 Mercury Cougar
VIN 9F92H562416 
Mileage 3,529 miles 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Automatic 
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See all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this Car