1965 Shelby Backdraft Racing ReproductionSOLD

1965 Cobra Backdraft Racing Reproduction Roadster

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Under the hood is a Ford 351W / 385 HP 377 ft. lbs. torque, Ford Racing crate motor outfitted with aluminum GT-40 cylinder heads, roller cam & rockers, ceramic-coated headers, MSD 6AL ignition, electric fuel pump and Mass-Flo fuel injection system. This is the most sophisticated fuel system there is, with the period-correct appearance of a 4-barrel carburetor. It employs a mass airflow meter to precisely measure the volume of air entering the engine and then dispenses the correct amount of fuel at all times for maximum power output. Geartrain: Tremec World Class 5-speed gearbox (with custom short shift), 3.46:1 BMW rear. Suspension & brakes: adjustable BMW E-36 independent rear & front with coil-overs; 4-wheel power disc brakes. 15 Halibrands with black-painted centers to complement the coachwork, clad with BF Goodrich (15x8 front and 15x10 rear). Cockpit: full array of seven period-correct VDO gauges, 4-point racing harnesses, Moto-Lita 14 steering wheel, premium leather upholstery, floormats, Raydot driver and center-round mirrors. The Backdraft cockpit is spacious. Included are SS side pipes, 3M rear fender protection, custom-mad California Car Cover. Titled as a 1965 Roadster. Only 2,500 miles.

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as of 3/25/2011

Car 1965 Shelby Backdraft Racing Reproduction