1919 Ford Model T TourerSOLD


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Registration No: BL 6739
Engine No: 3380721
CC: T.B.A.
Colour: Black
Trim Colour: N/A
MOT: None

Reference Number 120011

as of 3/26/2011

Car 1919 Ford Model T Tourer
VIN 8237971-19 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
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Known History

The world long since ran out of new things to say about the Model T (or `Tin Lizzie' as it was affectionately known). Ford was already progressing impressively before the launch of the T in the autumn of 1908, but it was that model that really set the company, and the world, on the move. The statistics are staggering: it was the first car to be mass produced and the first to be manufactured in several countries simultaneously. Production ran for nineteen years, during which time some 16.5 million examples were built. The timing of the T was perfect. It came to market just as motorcars were gaining in interest and acceptance, and sold for less than a wagon and team of horses. It mobilised people the world over and for the first sixteen years of production accounted for no less than 40 percent of all car sales in America - small wonder that it was voted `The World's Most Influential Car Of The 20th Century'. At launch the T was powered by a sidevalve 2.9-litre four-cylinder engine producing some 20hp. It was among the first to have its cylinders cast in one block and the first of all to have a detachable cylinder head. The epicyclic transmission had two forward speeds and a reverse and was controlled by a combination of three foot pedals and lever - a real test for drivers who cut their teeth on modern cars. Over time the factory produced 0-, 2-, 3- and 4-door Roadsters, Tourers, Pick-ups, Coupes, Estates and Saloons. Rolling chassis were sold so any type of body could be crafted by an appropriate coachbuilder.


The left-hand drive four-seater Tourer on offer dates from 1919 and is finished in Black. The vendor purchased the car twelve months ago from renowned Model T specialists, the Tuckett Brothers - its history is, however, unknown. We understand that the engine is equipped with both an alternator and distributor and runs well, and that the transmission is said to be "OK". With a bit of attention to the paintwork and interior, `BL 6739' will surely be providing great fun for its next owner.