1971 Chevrolet NovaSOLD

1971 Chevrolet Nova

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For some guys, going too far is what it's all about. Don Yenko was such a guy, and in 1969, he started stuffing 427s into the compact Nova and created the Deuce-a car that really should be kept in a cage. Since there are only seven or so known to exist today, you can imagine how expensive and highly sought they are. So what's a guy to do? Well, you build your own, like this blazing yellow 1971 Nova that packs a 454 cubic inch big block and looks an awful lot like one of Don Yenko's special cars. Nicely built with a ton of time spent on body and paintwork, there's just no way to keep a low profile in a car like this. With good fit and finish that's probably better than the factory ever managed on a stock Nova, this is exactly the car you don't want lined up next to you at the stop light grand prix. The black replica Yenko stripes don't hurt, either, and give the car a predatory look that emphasizes the car's compact dimensions. As long as we're talking engines, let's have a closer look at the thumping big block under the hood. With a 454 block and a 427 crank, pistons and heads, it's not just big, it's strong and has been built for combat. All those cubic inches are a tight fit in the Nova's engine bay, but it works just fine, since the factory designed it that way. Bathed in traditional Chevy Orange, it looks right sitting in the satin black engine bay. A bit of flash comes from the chrome air cleaner and valve covers, both by Moroso, while an Edelbrock intake and carburetor keep the beast fed. Up front, you won't find any power-robbing power steering or A/C compressor, but you will see a polished alternator mounted on a billet bracket, and chrome electric water pump, another power-conserving measure that ensures all the big block's horsepower gets translated to acceleration. Fire it up and the first thing you hear is that distinctive gear-drive whine from the front of the engine, humming like a rattlesnake's rattle and warning potential predators that this car is not easy prey. An MSD ignition system lights the fires, and a set of long-tube headers feeding 2.5-inch Flowmaster mufflers manage the exhaust. Underneath, you'll find a rugged PowerGlide delivering the twist to a 10-bolt rear full of 4.56 gears on a Posi. Wheels are from Billet Specialties and wear 165/80/15 front and 255/60/15 rear tires. Inside, it's all business with a black vinyl bench seat interior. Since this car was built to do just one thing-go fast-there are a minimum of frills and performance-sapping add-ons. The bench seat is in good condition and appears to be original, along with the door panels. The carpets are very good and may be more recent replacements, along with the headliner. The dash and instruments are definitely original and still show well, along with aftermarket oil pressure, temperature, and voltage gauges hanging below. If there was any question in your mind at all about what this car was designed to do, look no further than the fact that there isn't even a radio. Get in and go out hunting new Corvettes with this yellow screamer. While you can't call this car a sleeper, the performance built into it will definitely surprise more than a few high-dollar performance cars. The unmistakable rumble of a big block Chevy will be a bit of a tip off, sure, but carrying a big stick never hurt anybody. Nicely finished in a great color combination and fully sorted so you can drive it home today, this Nova is the ideal hobby car for the guy who likes to keep things interesting when he's out for a cruise. Call now! This vehicle is located in our Atlanta showroom. For more information, please call (678) 279-1609 or toll free (877) 367-1835.

Reference Number 120607

as of 3/31/2011

Car 1971 Chevrolet Nova
VIN 114271W190126 
Mileage 82,218 miles 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Automatic 
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See all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this Car
See all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this Car
See all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this Car