1961 Ferrari 250 GT PF Cabriolet SIISOLD

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Reference Number 120910

as of 4/1/2011

Car 1961 Ferrari 250 GT PF Cabriolet SII
VIN 2415 
Exterior / Interior Color      Silver /      Black 
Condition Pristine 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
Options Interior: Leather interior 
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Known History

"Que Bella!"


Terrifyingly rare, yet with a delectable Pininfarina-sculpted shape that seems friendly and innocuous, this '61 Ferrari is a true GT and a road-burner in disguise.


The car itself is evocative of squealing tires, musical exhaust notes and Le Mans victories.


Between 1959 and 1962, Maranello manufactured the cars.


The 250 GT was definitely one of the most accomplished racers of its era.


The car is intelligently built, with a tubular chassis and a 3.0 liter V12 living up front.


The outward simplicity of the car masks its true Ferrari nature, wonderfully predictable, handling like a dream and with a drag coefficient of 0.33.


And there is no hiding the two sets of double-drainpipe exhausts gracing the rear fascia.


All told, the non-competition version tops out at 146 MPH, with the competition models more like 165+. Furthermore, 0-60 comes in 6.6 seconds, and 61 MPH is attainable in first gear alone.


The interior of the car is very businesslike. Black leather bucket seats are comfortable. The gauges are well placed as is expected on a racecar in disguise. The speedometer reaches an optimistic, yet intimidating, 300 km/h. The most intriguing part of this car, however, is undoubtedly the beautiful Pininfarina-sculpted curves.


Each body panel was hand made by Scaglietti Coachworks, and replacement is next to impossible.


On road cars, the familiar prancing horse adorns the front grille, and small front bumpers were added to the sides. The competition versions had no prancing horse, nor did it have bumpers, creating a front fascia that suggests muscle and means business.


The car presented here sports chassis number 2415. It is an original 1961 US specs car and was purchased by its present owner in 1991.


The car was, then imported to Sweden and the restoration started; it ended in late 1992.


Macchina Rossa in Alvesta Sweden performed the work.


The restoration included a lift off of the chassis, total dismantling of the car including purchasing of all new necessary parts at a cost in excess of $100,000.00


Every restoration documentation and invoices are available and will come with the car.


Location: Gothenburg, Sweden