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1968 Ford Mustang

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This gorgeous 1968 Mustang is proof that you don't need to spend a big pile of money to get a great-looking and driving early pony car. With a powerful 289 and an awesome color scheme, this is a fun and fast summertime cruiser that will serve you well for years to come. Paint and bodywork have been freshened recently, and the metallic maroon paint this car current wears compliments the coupe body style extremely well. Done in two-stage urethane and perhaps using a modern Mustang color like, say, Electric Red, it does nothing to diminish those timeless Mustang curves. The paint is much better than the original enamel, and there were no colors in the 1968 catalog that popped like this one does in the sunlight. Drive this one down the road and expect to have other motorists stopping you to ask, "What color is that?" It's truly striking. And yes, in case you're asking, that's 100% original sheetmetal with no aftermarket replacement pieces. This has always been a clean, rust-free car. There have been no modifications to the original Mustang trim, but everything is in excellent order. Chrome is bright, the stainless has been polished, and all the Mustang badges have been properly placed following the repaint. The black vinyl roof gives the coupe body a bit of formality, and it is well installed with no wrinkles or sags. This is an upscale pony that looks like it should cost thousands more than it does. Inside, a black vinyl bucket seat interior shows you why the Mustang was a perennial best-seller. Comfortable, stylish, and nicely finished, it's the perfect compliment to the gorgeous exterior. Most certainly a combination of nice original pieces and quality replacements, it gives you a good idea of how well preserved this car was, and how carefully the restorer worked to blend the two seamlessly. The seat covers must be new, simply because they show no signs of age and no splits or tears. The original AM radio has been replaced by a more recent AM/FM/cassette unit that fits into the original slot, so no cutting and it can be returned to original condition easily. Underneath, the "garage door" storage compartment is nicely preserved and undamaged, as so often happens on these cars. The original 289 cubic inch V8 still lives under the hood, and it has been suitably augmented to go with the general theme of the car. Cast aluminum valve covers have been added and feature a '60s black wrinkle finish, and a chrome Ford Motorsport air cleaner supplies the fresh air. Motorsport also supplied the intake manifold, which is topped by an Edelbrock 4-barrel carburetor. A set of Hooker headers feed a true dual exhaust system that delivers an amazing sound without being too loud, both at full throttle and more importantly, at cruising speeds. With a recent rebuild, it runs beautifully and makes all the right sounds. While the 289's days were numbered in 1968, there are a lot of Mustang fans who feel that nothing else feels the same-torquey, but eager to rev, it's a perfect match to the Mustang's playful spirit. One look at the chassis and you'll know that this has always been a clean, dry car. It's not show-quality under there, but it is solid and well-maintained. Nothing's hiding under a layer of undercoating, so you can see that it's 100% factory steel with no serious issues. A 3-speed automatic drives a rugged 9-inch rear, and it all hangs on original suspension pieces with recent shocks. Styled steel wheels, which were restyled for 1968, wear modern 215/70/14 BFGoodrich T/A radials. And if you're into documentation, this car comes with a few extra goodies, including an original warranty booklet and owner's manual. There aren't many better ways to spend a bright summer day than behind the wheel of a vintage Mustang. With great performance, a killer engine note, and gorgeous, instantly-recognizable good looks, this '68 coupe puts you behind the wheel of a legend for not a lot of cash. Reliable, inexpensive to maintain and a lot of fun to drive, these make great toys that can be used like real cars. Grab a friend or two and hit the road-that's what the Mustang is all about. This vehicle is located in our Atlanta showroom. For more information, please call (678) 279-1609 or toll free (877) 367-1835.

Reference Number 121339

as of 4/7/2011

Car 1968 Ford Mustang
VIN 8T01C129155 
Mileage 1,134 miles 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Automatic 
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See all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this Car
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