1911 Studebaker E-M-F "Thirty" tourerSOLD

Powerful US built E-M-F "Thirty" 4/5 seat tourer

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E-M-F automobiles were built by the Everett-Metzger-Flanders Company of Detroit who also produced a smaller car called the Flanders Twenty. Both models were marketed under their makers names by the Studebaker Corporation until 1912 when they also took over the manufacturing process after which they were sold under the Studebaker name. To help you with its history the car comes with photocopies of some contemporary Studebaker E-M-F sales, technical and parts literature as well as a useful reproduction of an owner's hand-book entitled Information on the Operation and Care of the Model Thirty. A brief technical summary of the car would tell you that it has a conventional ladder frame chassis with leaf spring front and rear suspension. It has a side-valve in-line four cylinder engine of just over 3,700cc with the the cylinders being cast in two separate water cooled blocks attached to a common crankase carrying a three bearing splash lubricated crankshaft. The engine is connected via a cone clutch and a propellor shaft to a rear mounted sliding-gear three forward speed and reverse gearbox. This is operated by a right hand lever operating in a floor mounted gate which gives the gear change a nice positive feel. The front wheels are attached to a conventional beam axle and the rear axle has what looks like a fairly standard crown wheel and pinion differential unit. The engine starts readily on the handle though the car's exposed flywheel means that less energetic types could always fit an electric starter motor if they were so inclined. The car has only just arrived and I haven't driven it very far as yet but it gives the impression that it will go well, have plenty of power and be able to stop! The engine sounds good when running and the clutch and gearchange are easy to us. The body, chassis and mechanicals look to be in really sound condition, the car has a good paint finish plus very smart upholstery and very shiny brightwork so it is very presentable. In summary it is a typically well made American car which is built to last and is not overly complicated so will be easy to maintain. Like most US built cars it offers its buyer really good value for money as well as the pleasure of owning and driving a rare early motor car. By the way, there is a very useful EMF Thirty web site which you can find at http://emfauto.org

Reference Number 121955

as of 4/12/2011

Car 1911 Studebaker E-M-F "Thirty" tourer
Configuration Right Hand Drive (RHD) 
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