1959 Austin-Healey 100/6 (BN6)SOLD
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Not an average Austin Healey

I’m the Rarest of Rare

1959 Austin Healey BN6 – Jule Factory Works Car

Fuel Injection System

Needing Adoption

· Looking for a new loving family to be driven and enjoyed.

· I ‘m now in excellent health, I can be your servant and drive you around for many more years just like I did for my other masters.

My DNA & Genealogy

· I was born (built) in 1959 as BN6L – 4405 to serve my caretakers (owners) in North America.

· I have 4,150 brother and sister cars that came from the same factory.

· They nicknamed me the BN6.

· Some of my brothers and sisters have fallen prey to the rare disease called rust and have returned back to earth.

My Car(e)Takers

· Unfortunately my memory has failed me on all my Car(e)takers over the years.

· I do not recall the last 52 some years of my life. Now what? Is this the end for me?

· My health started deteriorating even more. My skin turned a brown and reddish colour and caught a rash. My arm’s skin started to chip off at the bottom. The doctors called it oxidation disease. My caregiver tried everything to keep me alive.

· I was left to rust away in the back of a garage until I was rescued by Jule Enterprises, the world's largest supplier of the Austin Healey replacement chassis and super structure rebuilder.

My Health Condition Today

· I now have a new lease on life.

· I have had it all rebuilt or replaced just like a Hollywood superstar.

· Doc Marty puts on the rubber gloves and left no part of me untouched. I missed a bunch of physical examines over the years, but Doc Marty made up for it now with time in intensive care.

· I should easily last for the next 52 years without going for the rubber glove treatment again.

· What’s new, well it would be easier to tell you what’s old, front and rear shroud hood and couple of doors.

· I could go on for pages and pages of what’s new and we would have the first novel published on eBay with 12 chapters.

· Let’s hit some of my major cosmetic surgery (body items replaced).

· New Jule Frame, floor pans, inner and outer sills, inner wings, trunk boxes, door pillars, door catch pillars, hinge pillars, rear floor pans, 4 aluminum fenders, wheel arches, rear transmission panel.

· Are you getting the idea?

· We could go on and on – the entire structure was primed inside and out and painted in the silver birch.

· I was made up of a bunch of black rusting parts which all got a major face lift. If it was black and painted it got changed to Black powder coated.

· My list goes on and on – the docs left no parts untouched, new hardware, gas tank, stainless steel brake lines and wiring harness, just to name a few.

· Face lifts on all my chrome bits, hand brake, trunk hinges, bumpers, fender flashes, shifter handle.

· New Dayton 72 spoke wires.

· Are you getting the picture?

· I’m now a whole lot different from when I was born back in 1959.

· I‘ve been given some updates which allow me to move into the next century.

· I’m back in my teenage years and ready to carve up those canyon roads or ride the open spaces.

· What happened, I got rack and pinion steering along with new super structure that allows me to go down the road as straight as an arrow, no more wandering along those country roads.

· I stop on a dime; my braking system is all new and for added measure, I have power brakes.

· I got a new Heart and Liver in my rebuild; same old stock engine (heart) fully rebuilt with lightened flywheel; the side shift transmission and overdrive unit (my liver) got a full work over.

· I got new lungs, no more hacking and coughing, since I have a Fuel Injection System with engine management.

· I no longer care what the government calls gasoline, I can run on cob fuel.

· I’ve got it all: injectors and pressure valves, map sensor, temp sensors, 02 sensor, 3 pack coil system, along with a computer and trigger ignition.

· Grid lock on the highway – bring it on; we are ready with my re-profiled 4 core radiator and electric fan which keeps me cool and smelling great (we chucked the deodorant).

· We tossed the generator for 60 amp alternator to run any of those electronics you want to bring along with you on those outings.

· Are you getting the idea yet?

· If you really feel the need for the 6 page document with all my new stuff just ask.

· I got my butt fixed and new skin for me to rest on a full Italian leather interior including door panels with 100S seats and Wilton wool carpets.

· My hair was getting thin on top so we added a new SUNFAST CONVERTIBLE TOP along with rebuilt side screens and tonneau cover.

· Have you got the idea yet?

· I’m sure we have left some details out about my makeover that you will have a question about, so ask away.

· Ask for those pictures or that 6 page list of parts and changes.

· Healey historians are going to spat on me; car guys will love me; and yes I am no longer a regular Austin Healey. Now I have it all!!

· We urge all of you intrigued drivers to come and bring your white gloves for an inspection. We think you will be happy with what you find and want me in your garage to drive this summer.

For more information and photos please visit www.flickr.com/photos/13794581@N07/

Reference Number 122327

as of 12/17/2011

Car 1959 Austin-Healey 100/6 (BN6)
Exterior / Interior Color      Silver /      Dark Red 
Condition Pristine 
Mileage 463 miles 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
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