1973 Lamborghini EspadaSOLD
Exterior Color: Red
Doors: 0

Quickly following on the heels of the trend-setting 400GT and the milestone mid-engine Miura Lamborghini introduced the Espada with 2 2 accommodations and a dramatic body designed by Marcello Gandini of Bertone that was inspired by Bertone's Marzal show car. Power came from Lamborghini's smooth, durable and powerful 3929cc 4-cam V-12 rated by Lambo at 325hp at introduction but raised to 365hp with the introduction of the Series III in late 1972. With fully independent suspension and a 5-speed gearbox it was a luxury gran turismo that equaled or bettered anything else on the market. This Red over Tan leather example must be the best in the world, restored in 1991 to high standards and correctness with thoughtful upgrades to improve its performance, comfort and reliability. These include an extensively redesigned air conditioning system with a rear A/C unit added to offset the radiant heating of the huge rear window and new rotary compressor. The electrical system was extensively revamped and upgraded including installing a Delco 125 amp alternator (retaining one of the original small alternators as a backup), new fuse box, revamped and upgraded wiring, switches and relays and halogen headlights. A modern AM-FM/cassette stereo system with upgraded speakers and a hidden antenna was installed. The cooling system was similarly extensively upgraded with high flow fans, rebuilt radiator and revamped cooling air flow, an oil cooler was added and the exhaust headers and pipes were wrapped to reduce underhood temperatures. Modifications for reliable starting were made to the fuel system. A measure of the thoroughness and care with which this work was done is the extensive documentation of the changes with written, photographic and diagram backup to identify every aspect of the work. The paint, upholstery, interior trim and chrome are exceptional. Expenditures for restoration and mechanical work total $140,000, and every penny of the amount spent is apparent in its sparkling presentation and thorough documentation. It is an exceptional example and a tribute to the pioneering work and exceptional quality of the Lamborghini factory at Sant'Agata Bolognese.

Reference Number 122563

as of 4/18/2011

Car 1973 Lamborghini Espada