1949 Packard 2262SOLD

1949 Packard 2262

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This 1949 Packard is a wonderful example of post-war luxury from one of the finest names in Automobile history. Nicely finished in black over a tan cloth interior, this Packard Eight showcases the legendary engineering and attention to detail that defined the automaker for more than five decades. A reliable flathead straight-8 engine delivers smooth, effortless performance, and the styling, while controversial at the time, has aged extremely well. All new in 1948, Packard's fresh designs were enthusiastically received by a car buying public that was desperate for something new following the war. The 1949 cars were little changed, and continued to sell well, even at a premium price. This Packard Eight sedan is typical of what you might have purchased in 1949 if a Cadillac was just too flashy and you wanted something more prestigious than a mere Chrysler. With simple good looks, the bodywork on this car has been finished to a high standard, which is important with a black car. All the sheetmetal is original, because there are no replacement panels for these cars, and the paint was expertly applied several years ago. It still shows extremely well, and gives the car a very formal, sophisticated appearance. The heavy chrome bumpers and traditionally shaped Packard grille have been re-chromed, and the stainless trim along the rocker panels and under the side windows has been polished to a great shine. Up front, you'll find Packard's famous cormorant hood ornament, a symbol stretching back to the mid-1930s and representing the finest in elegant, powerful, luxury machinery. The interior has obviously been restored, and uses original-appearing fabrics throughout. The seats are covered in broadcloth and remain in excellent condition with no significant wear or threadbare areas. New carpets were installed at the same time, along with a fresh headliner and door panels. The dashboard is actually steel that has been painted to resemble wood; the effect is highly convincing, and work of this quality is difficult and expensive today. Stylish gauges give the driver a complete view of the engine's mechanicals, although the fuel gauge is not currently functioning. The center stack houses the speaker for the side-mounted radio, as well as switchgear for things like the headlights and heater. The red clutch pedal indicates that this car was originally equipped with an Electromatic Clutch, a vacuum-and-electric relay operated mechanism that eliminated the need to depress the clutch while shifting gears, although the driver still had to manually move the shift lever. It was often finicky, and the system on this car, while still present, has been disconnected. Accessories include a windshield-mounted compass inside, and a windshield visor outside, which was popular in southern states before air conditioning was commonly available. For decades, Packard's mainstream engine was a flathead straight-8. In this car, it displaces 288 cubic inches and makes 130 horsepower thanks to a 2-barrel Carter carburetor. But where Packards really shine is torque production, and the long-stroke straight-8 pulls effortlessly from all speeds. Refinished in traditional Packard olive green with black accessories, the nicely detailed engine compartment is orderly and well maintained. The bright orange canister is an oil filter, and the carburetor uses a correct oil-bath air filter. Touch the starter button and the straight-8 springs to life, emitting a hearty grumble through the single exhaust system. Underneath, the chassis is clean, with a rugged X-type frame and solid floor pans painted satin black as original. Brakes are hydraulic drums at all four corners, with wheel cylinders, lines, and shoes that were all replaced at the time of restoration. It glides down the street on correct steel wheels with Packard hubcaps and wide whitewall tires. This car also comes with an original owner's manual and a reproduction service manual. Packard was still a viable brand in 1949, and cars like this one are proof that if you wanted a comfortable, roomy, prestigious car, the Packard showroom was the best place to shop. With good power, this car can cruise at modern highway speeds, and things like the suspension and brakes are up to the rigors of regular use. Nicely finished and instantly recognizable, this Packard Eight is a welcome addition to any show or parade, although if you're like me, you'll probably derive most of your pleasure from behind the wheel. Call today! This vehicle is located in our Atlanta showroom. For more information, please call (678) 279-1609 or toll free (877) 367-1835.

Reference Number 122566

as of 4/19/2011

Car 1949 Packard 2262
VIN 2262-9-40413 
Mileage 64,423 miles 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
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