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1978 Pontiac Trans Am

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In the 1970s, Pontiac was one of the few domestic automakers who remembered how to make horsepower. This 1978 Trans Am, for example, is powered by a 400 cubic inch V8 that makes a respectable 220 horsepower. Mated to a 4-speed manual transmission and sporting a retro-cool gold paint job with the famous firebird hood decal, it's a piece of 1970s performance that's actually pretty impressive on the road. The color is called Solar Gold, and it was the second special edition color following two years of all black "Bandit" Trans Ams. Most gold Trans Ams, including this one, were built in Norwood, Ohio due to paint restrictions in place at the Van Nuys, California plant. The Van Nuys cars had a greenish tint to them due to the different paint formulation; if you want a Solar Gold Trans Am, make sure there's an N in the 7th digit of the VIN. With only 47,806 original miles, this T/A is in great condition throughout, showing careful ownership and excellent care throughout its life. As is typical with these cars, even those built in Norwood, the color is inconsistent between panels, and especially on the urethane bumpers and spoilers. Of course, enthusiasts have come to embrace these irregularities, wearing them as badges of honor on their original cars, and it's more proof of this car's authenticity. These cars were also heavy on the deals, but they remain in excellent condition with very little fading and excellent adhesion. The blacked-out grilles and headlight buckets are in excellent condition with no UV damage, and the cool Trans Am taillights are still bright and clear. The only way Trans Ams came in 1978 was loaded, and that included leather bucket seats. The tan seats in this car remain in good condition with wear appropriate to a car with half as many miles and a fraction as many years on it-they're excellent. The dash features a cool engine-turned panel that houses a full array of functional gauges as well as the original radio. The dash pad, console, door panels and even the headliner are all in astonishingly good shape, with no cracking or fading. You'll also notice that this is an authentic power window car, with those round, black Firebird emblems on the doors installed to hide the holes where the window cranks would ordinarily live. The matching numbers WC-code 400 cubic inch V8 makes great muscle car sounds, and still moves the car with authority. The block is still covered in factory-applied Pontiac Blue paint, the snorkel feeding the air cleaner (which only looks like a hood scoop, but is non-functional) is intact, and many of the original components are still intact. Routine maintenance items have obviously been conscientiously replaced during the last 33 years, but overall this is a highly original and nicely preserved engine bay. The chassis is more of the same, with signs of proper maintenance and good care in a warm, dry climate. A recent true dual exhaust system with Flowmaster mufflers undoubtedly frees up some extra horsepower compared to the choking, single catalytic converter system that came from the factory, and it sounds every bit as cool as Burt's car did on the big screen. The wheels are famous Pontiac 15x8 "snowflake" alloys, painted gold to match the body and wearing fat 255/70/15 Goodyear radials. If you're a smart investor, you've undoubtedly already noticed that these cars are red hot right now. Guys who grew up with these machines pinned to their bedroom walls and on the movie screen now have the ability to purchase the cars of their childhoods, and they're willing to pay a premium for the nicest ones. Solar Gold Trans Ams are a lot less common than the black special editions, and this one's combination of low mileage and excellent originality makes it a smart buy. Best of all, you can drive and enjoy it without worrying about damaging your investment. Forget what you remember about the '70s and enjoy the reality-these are awesome cars that are simply a blast to drive. Call now! This vehicle is located in our Atlanta showroom. For more information, please call (678) 279-1609 or toll free (877) 367-1835.

Reference Number 122567

as of 4/19/2011

Car 1978 Pontiac Trans Am
VIN 2W87Z8N165429 
Mileage 47,806 miles 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
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