1923 Crossley 19.6 Two Seater SportsSOLD

A very rare early vintage Crossley 19.6 sports car

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Georgano's Complete Encyclopaedia of Motorcars tells us that Crossley, who were the first company in Britain to make four 4 stroke Otto cycle engines, made motor cars at Gorton in Manchester between 1904 and 1937. The 19.6 model was introduced to the public in November 1920 at the Olympia Motor Show with a touring model being offered to the public by Jarrots (Crossley's London agent) in early 1921 at ú1,065. It was a powerful machine, having a 3.7 litre four cylinder side valve engine mated to a four speed and reverse gearbox via a cone clutch. It is worth noting that Crossley's detachable cylinder head was advanced for its day as many contemporary car engines still had fixed heads. The 19.6 car was undoubtedly popular with discerning motorists, indeed the Prince of Wales was a customer, and the car did well in competitive endurance events. This particular example, which is the only known surviving 19.6 Sports two seater, is in really good condition without being so concours that you wouldn't want to drive it. In fact it thrives on being driven and is perfectly capable of cruising at 60+ mph (when the engine is turning at 2,000 rpm) and running at 70+ if you want to pass slower cars. These are really impressive figures for an early 1920s road car which tell you a lot about how good Crossley's initial design was and also about how well the car has been looked after - for example it is very reassuring to see bills for recent professional rebuilds of the engine and the rear axle. The car, which steers well and stops well, performs better once the engine is warm at which point it becomes distinctly lively and will certainly leave most of its contemporaries behind without much effort - not that we are recommending that you should indulge in irresponsible driving though be warned - it will tempt you! In summary it is a very rare, correct and striking motor car with performance to match better known contemporaries which will be much more expensive in today's market. It is well documented with copies of Crossleys' original technical drawings, detailed technical information and a photocopy of the original handbook courtesy of the Crossley Register. It also comes with a fascinating 60 page illustrated treatise on the Crossley 19.6 range written by the car's current owner.

Reference Number 123449

as of 1/18/2012

Car 1923 Crossley 19.6 Two Seater Sports
Configuration Right Hand Drive (RHD) 
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