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1965 Ford Mustang

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Ford added a fastback to its 1965 Mustang lineup, but the coupe continued to be the best seller of the group. The coupe outsold the convertible and fastback individually five to one, accounting for nearly 75 percent of total sales. This beautiful Ivy Green Metallic pony is a highly unusual GT coupe with its correct A-code V8 and original A/C system, restored to a very high standard. The data tag tells us a lot about this car, and verifies that it has been restored to its original colors, and that it is a real A-code car: Year: 5 (1965) Plant: F (Dearborn, MI) Body Series: 07 (2-door hardtop) Engine: A (289 cubic inch 4v V8) Unit: 730567 Body: 65B (2-door hardtop, pony interior) Color: R (Ivy Green Metallic) Trim: 68 (Light Ivy Gold Crinkle Vinyl and White Crinkle Vinyl, Pony Interior) Date: 17S (May 17, 1965) DSO: 53 (Kansas City) Axle: 6 (2.80:1, conventional) Trans: 6 (C4 automatic) Some folks won't recognize a Mustang that isn't red or white, but this green coupe with the white vinyl top is extremely handsome and sheds the GT's boy racer image in favor of something a little more upscale. Beautifully finished, the paint is deep and rich, with just the right amount of metallic to pass for 1965 instead of 2005. Production figures were destroyed, so there's no way of knowing how many Ivy Green Mustangs were built in 1965, but it was likely a rare color and today at shows, they're almost never seen. Bodywork on the original steel is above average, and with a dark color like this, it's hard to cut corners. The chrome has been refinished recently, including the bumpers, door handles, mirrors, and even the Mustang corral in the grille. GT specific features like the fog lamps and white rocker panel stripes are correct, giving the subtle little pony a bit of a performance edge. Looking at the interior, it's easy to fall in love. While the colors may be pure '60s, they work in the Mustang's airy passenger compartment. With two-tone buckets featuring the upgraded Pony upholstery, it's the same sporty yet elegant look that works so well on the exterior. The full-length console is beautifully finished, the door panels are new, the gauges are fully functional, and the carpets were replaced just a few months ago. The original under-dash A/C unit has been converted to R134a and blows ice cold, while the stereo has been neatly upgraded to an in-dash AM/FM/cassette unit that fits in the original opening. Nice details include the racy wood-rimmed steering wheel that'll make you feel like Steve McQueen behind the wheel (yes, we know his was a Highland Green '68, save your E-mails), as well as color-matched Mustang floor mats. The trunk was recently detailed with a new mat, spare tire cover, and a full jack assembly. Mechanically, this car is in superb condition. The engine is a date-code correct 289 (as Mustang experts know, no early Mustang can be declared "matching numbers" because Ford didn't correlate the VIN and engine stampings) that was rebuilt about 14,000 miles ago to stock specs. Gold is the correct color on this engine, and the accessories like the air cleaner sport correct decals and markings. In the past few months, things like the radiator, starter, engine mounts, and power steering hoses were replaced, and the ignition system has been upgraded to an electronic Pertronix unit. The carburetor is an Edelbrock 4-barrel on top of the original manifold, but you'd never know with it hiding under that massive air cleaner. The C4 automatic transmission was also overhauled recently, including a new torque converter, so this is a Mustang you can drive anywhere with confidence. New brake rotors and drums give a reassuringly firm brake pedal and effectively haul the lightweight coupe down from high speeds. Wheels are timeless styled steel wheels wearing 205/70/14 General whitewall radials. We love cars like this here at Streetside-unusual, but not bizarre, a great performer but with a luxurious side, and beautifully finished. There are literally hundreds of thousands of early Mustang coupes available, but this one's unique combination of colors, options, and performance make it stand out among a field of "me too" red and white ones. If you like the idea of being a little different, but not giving up any of that great Mustang mojo, this is your car. Call today!

Reference Number 123592

as of 4/30/2011

Car 1965 Ford Mustang
VIN 5F07A30567 
Mileage 14,146 miles 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
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See all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this Car