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1965 Ford Mustang

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The V8 Mustangs get all the glory, and there are probably a lot more running around today than were built originally, so it's easy to forget that the six-cylinder cars were the bread-and-butter of the Mustang lineup. Not all Mustangs were tire-smoking hot rods; most were pleasant, stylish daily drivers that were the foundation of the Mustang phenomenon in 1965. Today, six-cylinder cars are far, far harder to find than the V8 models for a variety of reasons, and for that, I salute the fellow who restored this beautiful 1965 coupe to original specifications. It's a lovely little car that's a pleasure to drive and delivers a completely different Mustang experience that you'll appreciate once you get behind the wheel. The Mustang's success was based primarily on its ability to be almost all things to all people, and coupes like this one were the reason why the less profitable and more expensive K-code GTs could exist. Almost anyone could afford a six-cylinder Mustang coupe, with a base price of just $2372 in 1965. But that doesn't mean they were any less handsome, as this Vintage Burgundy coupe proves. Nicely restored and correctly presented, the body is straight with almost no signs of major surgery or previous damage. The paint job is deep and rich, having been done in two-stage urethane with just the right amount of metallic it sparkles in the sunlight. It was restored to show, so details are correct throughout, including the grille, emblems, and trademark Mustang gas filler cap out back. Chrome on the bumpers is very nice, and the stainless around the windows has been polished so it looks like new. There's no question that this is a very handsome car. From behind the wheel, you'll be hard-pressed to determine what's living under the hood, since all Mustangs had beautiful bucket seat interiors (although bench seats were available, they were exceedingly rare). Restored in the original black, it is as honest and simple as the rest of the car, with good quality workmanship evident throughout. Whoever made the seat covers did an excellent job, and these are notably better than, say, the early Camaro reproduction covers that are commonly used. The pleats are deep and the buckets properly shaped, while things like the carpet and door panels are new. The thin-rimmed steering wheel looks sporty with its three spokes, which also give a great view of the stylish Mustang dashboard full of functional and nicely finished gauges. Although this car probably came with an AM radio originally, it now carries an AM/FM/cassette unit that fits in the original location, so nothing was cut or modified in the process. A slender chrome handle controls the automatic transmission, and the lack of a console seems to be perfectly appropriate in this pony. The engine is a 200 cubic inch inline-six, which was still an upgrade over the standard 170 cubic inch unit. Making 120 horsepower, it is a torquey power plant that moves the coupe easily at modern traffic speeds. Another big selling point with the six was fuel economy, and with gas prices passing $4.00/gallon this summer, perhaps you'll appreciate that your hobby car is better on gas than your daily driver. The engine has been fully rebuilt to stock specifications and settled into a nicely detailed engine bay. With a black block and bright red valve cover and air cleaner, it is just the way it was in 1965 when it rolled out of the dealer's showroom and into the hands of an excited new owner. Intake and exhaust manifolds are extremely well preserved and appear to be painted to prevent rust in the future. Correct hoses and clamps were used for the cooling system, and properly marked spark plug wires light the fire. In today's world of complex, fuel-injected, computerized vehicles, a basic machine like this is refreshing. Underneath, you'll find a highly detailed chassis that shows signs of careful restoration. The floors are so nice, I'm inclined to believe they've been replaced, and they've been properly finished in satin black. The front suspension has been fully rebuilt, and features new bushings and shock absorbers, and even though the sway bar is modestly sized, you'll find that the lighter six-cylinder engine makes this car a lively handler. Brakes are drums all around, the single exhaust is a correct replacement system, and the wheels are original 14-inch steelies wearing optional wire hubcaps and 195/75/14 whitewall radials. All the things that make early Mustangs great are here, just in smaller quantities. The styling is still a hit, and most folks don't even care what's under the hood when they see a pretty Mustang coupe like this. This one has also received a very high quality restoration that couldn't possibly be duplicated for the asking price (and probably cost two or three times as much). We have a detailed restoration album with photographs and receipts, so there are no secrets inside this little burgundy coupe. Great looks, a handsome interior, and energetic performance with decent economy, this is a great hobby car if you're on a budget. You'll instantly be part of a very popular club with this Mustang, and the unique six-cylinder engine will get you more than a few second glances. Call today!

Reference Number 123593

as of 4/30/2011

Car 1965 Ford Mustang
VIN 5T07T164037 
Mileage 47,270 miles 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
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