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1973 Dodge Dart

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By 1973, performance was winding down in Detroit, but the Dodge boys knew how to keep the fires burning. The Dart Swinger was their way of building a performance car without raising any eyebrows-a V8 in a compact, lightweight package. After all, everyone knows taking weight out is the same as putting horsepower in. The Dart Swinger was available in only the 2-door body with a slant six, or, as in the case of this Diamond Black example, a 318 cubic inch V8, mated to a 3-speed manual or automatic transmission. Today, these cars might be considered ideal sleepers, as their unassuming looks and reputation as low-performance grocery getters allow people to forget that they often pack some of Mopar's most potent powerplants underneath. According to the fender tag, this one is configured very much the way it was when it was new, and someone clearly worked through the options sheet to build what was one of the quickest cars in the Chrysler stable in 1973: LH23: Dodge Dart,Demon High 2 Door Hardtop G3R: 318 170 horsepower (net) 1x2 barrel 8 CYL 1973 Windsor, ONT, CAN 257712: Sequence number E44: 318 cubic inch 2-barrel V8 230hp D34: Light Duty Automatic Transmission TX9: Black Diamond Exterior Color E2X9: Trim - Vinyl Bench Seat, Black 000: Full Door Panels 312: Build Date: March 12 146261: Order number V1X: Full Vinyl Top, Black U: USA Specifications 22: Unknown G33: LH Remote Racing Mirror L31: Hood/Fender Mounted Turn Signals M21: Roof drip rail moldings M25: Wide sill moldings M26: Wheel Lip Moldings M85: Front & Rear Bumper Guards R11: Radio Solid State AM (2 Watts) V5X: Body Side Stripes, Black END: End of Sales Codes OK so it's not a Hemi-powered Road Runner, but it would be a mistake to underestimate this snarling black Dart. Nicely finished with good, straight bodywork and a better-than-average Diamond Black paint job, this is definitely a car you'd think twice about before the light turns green. The combination of the white bumblebee stripe out back and the Rallye wheels give it a performance look that transcends the humble Dart body style, and the 318 under the hood rumbles authoritatively through a healthy dual exhaust system. The vinyl top is clean and nicely installed, and any chrome that needed to be refinished has received attention. Inside, it's a standard black bench seat interior, but that's exactly what you want from your low-profile street fighter. The seats are so nice, I have to believe they have been recovered and they're firm enough that there's got to be new foam underneath. Fresh carpets on the floor match the new headliner overhead, and the door panels are nice enough to show. Looking at the dash, you've undoubtedly already noticed that big A/C unit underneath, which was a dealer-installed option that still retains all the original components. Gauges are simple, and the builder resisted the urge to add aftermarket gauges underneath, which gives the sleeper away every time. However, there is a powerful AM/FM/CD/iPod stereo system in the center of the dash feeding a pair of 6x9 speakers mounted on the rear package shelf. Although this car did, indeed, come from the factory with a 318, the block now living under the hood is a 1969 date-code piece that's quite a bit hotter than the factory-issued unit. If the orange air cleaner is to be believed, there are 210 horses living under the hood, a noteworthy 40 more than stock, but based on how this one runs, I'm guessing even that number is a little light. The engine bay is clean and functional, but not necessarily detailed for show-who wants to worry about getting their engine dirty when they're prowling the streets looking for a fight? There's an Edelbrock intake to add a few extra horsepower, as well as a 4-barrel carburetor in place of the original 2-lunger. The standard cast iron exhaust manifolds dump into a true dual exhaust system that gives this little Swinger a big of a growl. The rest of the chassis is 100% stock, right down to the original front disc brakes. Those Rallye wheels I mentioned earlier carry 205/70/14 BFGoodrich T/A radials. Call it a sleeper, or the last of the breed, or even just a nicely refinished cruiser that you can use any time, and this 1973 Dart Swinger starts to look like a lot of fun. With a rumbling V8 soundtrack, effective A/C, and reliable hardware, this car has already earned its street cred. If you think it would look good in your garage, give us a call today.

Reference Number 124157

as of 5/4/2011

Car 1973 Dodge Dart
VIN LH23G3R257712 
Mileage 52,566 miles 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
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See all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this Car