1972 Chevrolet NovaSOLD

1972 Chevrolet Nova

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Some of the coolest cars out there are those that the factory never built, but should have. Others are cool simply because of their execution, with high-quality workmanship and exceptional attention to detail. And still other cars are simply awesome because of what they represent. In the case of this awesome 1972 Nova, it's all three: a gorgeous black-on-black sleeper that has been restored to top condition and packing a 396 cubic inch big block that was sadly no longer available by 1972. In the early 1970s, if you were looking to keep a low profile but still wanted to have some fun on the streets, compacts like the Nova and Plymouth Duster were your best choice. Available from the factory with big power in a lightweight package with unassuming looks that spawned more grocery-getters than drag strip champions, they were the perfect weapon. Nobody looked twice at the two-door post sedans, and by keeping the options to a minimum, you could get into a very fast car for not a lot of money. Lay off the flash and stick to blackwall tires and dog dish hubcaps, and your car would be virtually indistinguishable from grandma's church wagon. Sadly, by 1972, Chevrolet was done putting big blocks in Novas, and the top engine was a detuned 350. But that didn't stop one enterprising restorer from building his own version of the ultimate Nova. I have to say, I don't think Novas came this straight from the factory. With black paint magnifying every imperfection, someone went the extra mile on this one to get it exceptionally straight before any paint went on. Instead, it appears to have been a clean daily driver that lived in a dry, warm climate all its life, and someone took very good care of it. The restoration work involved working out any age-related issues, spending about a month block sanding every square inch of the body, then laying down that amazing paint-and it really is as nice in person as it appears in photos. Upgrades include the performance hood with the chrome inserts and the appropriate 396 badges on the front fenders. Chrome is excellent, with fresh bumpers front and rear, a proper SS grille with a blacked-out center, and a correct tail panel. The black vinyl roof is a nice luxury touch, and only adds to the sleeper look-who would put a vinyl roof on a race car, right? Inside, it's all business. Like the exterior, there's a minimum of frills and flash, but everything there remains in first-rate condition and ready to throw-down on the street. Bucket seats are unusual in a Nova, but they were most certainly available. Those in this car have obviously been reupholstered and feature new foam underneath, so they feel and look like new. There's a cool center console that looks like it might have some Camaro DNA in it with four auxiliary gauges ahead of the Hurst shifter, and the steering wheel is a fat wood-rimmed piece that definitely has a performance attitude. But the builder played it smart and didn't hang a big monster tach on top of the dash where it would be easy to spot, and the factory gauges are 100% functional. And check out the mileage-THAT's how fresh this car is, with just a test drive since it was completed. Carpets, headliner, and door panels are all new and give the car a fresh from the factory look and feel. The trunk carries a matching full-sized spare and precious little else-why add weight? However, with a 350 horsepower 396 under the hood, weight shouldn't really be much of a concern. Beautifully detailed, it looks the way it might have in 1972 if GM had continued building big block Novas. There's Chevy Orange on the block, chrome valve covers, and a black single-snorkel air cleaner, just like the factory did it. Hoses and tower clamps are reproduction items, and even the exhaust manifolds are original cast iron pieces. You'll appreciate the power steering with this much iron over the front wheels, although the brakes are manual in typical street racer fashion. Underneath you'll find that clean chassis I mentioned earlier, and not the excellent floors and absence of rust on any of the components-this car is fresh. The exhaust system is a big 3-inch setup using Flowmaster mufflers, and it's perhaps the biggest clue that this car is not what it appears. It's easy to love cars like this, and someone went all-out to build this one exactly right. The triple-black color combination is perfect for stalking the streets at night, and the dog dish hubcaps and blackwall radials keep people guessing. But once they hear the rumbling exhaust and see how this car moves, the game is over, because there's just no disguising that big block's signature moves. An incredibly cool car that has had a ton of money poured into it over the past several years, this Nova is ready to show and drive this summer. Just be sure to be gracious when all those Mustangs and Camaros disappear in your mirror. Call today! This vehicle is located in our Atlanta showroom. For more information, please call (678) 279-1609 or toll free (877) 367-1835.

Reference Number 124535

as of 5/7/2011

Car 1972 Chevrolet Nova
VIN X27F2W325460 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
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