1959 Ferrari 250 GT LWB California SpyderSOLD
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This is the 33rd example of 49 examples built. The "Long-Wheel-Base" California Spyders have chassis numbers that range from 0769/GT, completed on January 3rd, 1958 through to chassis number 1715/GT which was built on February 27th, 1960.

Just 51 long-wheel-base California Spyders were completed. An additional 55 short-wheel-base examples were completed making the "LWB" variants slightly rarer.

Chassis 1501/GT was completed and issued a certificate of origin on December 19th, 1959. It was built late enough in production to have been fitted from new by the Ferrari Factory with “Disc” brakes and many other "late" production features.

We are very fortunate as shortly after being completed, the Expatriate American Ferrari Journalist / Enthusiast, Peter Coltrin was on hand to photograph this particular car in great detail. These photographs were later forwarded directly by Peter prior to his death to the noted Ferrari Historian and California Spyder expert, Mr. George Carrick. Carrick also had direct access to this car in the early 1970s just prior to the publication of his book; The Spyder California A Ferrari of Paricular Distinction.

Beginning in 1988, Carrick assisted the late Ferrari Historian, Mr. Stanley Nowak in the research and eventual publication of Nowak's definitive book; Ferrari Spyder California.

Both of these detailed publications relied heavily on the use of this particular California Spyder as it was and remains remarkably original and a significantly well documented from the moment it was completed until today. Additionally, copies of the original Ferrari Factory Records documenting the production of this car have been in wide circulation for many years. Today very few California Spyders are this well documented.

The body of this California Spyder was standard steel with alloy opening panels. The body was built from new with the more desirable “covered headlights” making it one of only forty two examples completed as such. The car was also one of a very few examples fitted from new with the rare and desirable Marchal “Le Mans” driving lights fitted inside and just behind the front grill-work. These lights and numerous other original features give this particular example a unique appearance and set it well apart from the standard production examples.

The car has many significant detail differences all of which are competition derived and oriented in nature as well as being extremely pleasing from a cosmetics standpoint. Most notably these include an extremely unique interior featuring an ignition key positioned to the left of the steering wheel. The "Porsche-like" purpose being that by placing it to the left, there would be not interference during quick, up and down gear-changes. The dash itself is completely metal finished in body color without padding of any type. The gauges are black-faced competition pieces featuring an 8000rpm tach and 300kmph speedometer! The gearshift lever and switch knobs are all executed in turned aluminum rather than the standard black "bakealight" material normally fitted to these cars. Finally an extremely prominent passenger "racing" grab bar is fitted just below the glove box partition.

As previously noted each and everyone of these features found today on this California Spyder were photographed and documented in detail by Coltrin when this car was new!

The engine fitted to this car is a Tipo 128D which was the standard 3.0-liter, Colombo designed V12. The “numero interno” was 0510D which it still retains to this day, making this a “matching numbers” car, front-to-back!

The engine was completed with normal Tipo 128C camshafts with 9.0mm of lift. Standard 36mm Weber carburetors were fitted but no air cleaner assembly was used. The car was however fitted with and delivered from new with "racing-derived" and inspired chrome plated velocity stacks over each of the three carburetors. These give both an excellent “sound” to the engine as well as look visually very exciting. While most of the engine was completed with normal road equipment, special lightweight Borgo piston and lightweight connecting rods were used. The compression ratio was a relatively high 9.3:1 and after completion the engine was "dyno" tested by Ferrari with a top output of 230bhp at 7000rpms!

The standard "Tipo 508C" four-speed fully synchronized gearbox passes engine torque to a final drive ratio fitted with an "8 x 32" or 4.0 : 1 ring and pinion. This extremely short final drive ratio gives the car blisteringly quick acceleration while only slightly compromising overall top speed.

This car was also fitted from new with an "ABARTH" competition oriented exhaust system. The combination of velocity stacks, small choke carburetors, high-compression, light-weight pistons and connecting rods coupled to the ABARTH exhaust and short ring and pinion give this particular California Spyder a distinctly racy feel on the road and track!

Chassis 1501/GT was ordered and sold new to Dott. Carlo Innocenti, of Rome, Italy. The car had been a gift of the good Doctor’s Father, Luigi Innocenti who himself had purchased another Spyder California, chassis number 1411/GT.

Dott . Inocentti’s family was the founder and owner of Lambretta Motor Scooters and one of the most respected of Italy’s industrial families.

In 1972 the car was imported by Luigi Chinetti into the United States and sold to his favored client, Mr. Marc Goldschmidt of Montpellier, Vermont. Goldschmidt later sold the car to Wayne Nelson of Indianapolis, Indiana. In 1988 it was acquired by noted Ferrari enthusiast, Mr. Tom Mitler of Mishawaka, Indiana for $1,850,000 U.S. dollars.

Today, 1501/GT remains original and faithful to its construction nearly 50 years ago! While always treated as the true treasure that it is, no expense has been spared on ensuring that both the cosmetics and mechanics of this car are in top order without fault of issue of any kind. This specific California Spyder is therefore regarded as one of the most correct, original and certainly well documented examples in the world.

The correct tools, Ferrari Records and full history from new will accompany this car upon completion of its sale.

Please contact me for additional information regarding an opportunity to purchase this very special Ferrari.

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as of 8/22/2007

Car 1959 Ferrari 250 GT LWB California Spyder
VIN 1501GT 
Exterior / Interior Color      Black 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
Options Exterior: Wire wheels
Interior: Leather interior, Wooden steering wheel 
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