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1969 Ford Falcon

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Looking like something fresh out of "The Road Warrior," this clean little 1969 Ford Falcon coupe is a highly unusual car that you just don't see anymore. With custom touches, an above-average restoration, and just 51,533 original miles, it's the kind of car you never think about buying until you see it. Forget over-cammed big blocks for a moment and realize that this car will probably draw an appreciative crowd just by being so unusual. The restoration is fresh, and we have photos of the car before the work started in 2008, and it was clean and solid. Originally Corinthian White, the bodywork is now nicely accentuated by charcoal gray paint, and this handsome coupe looks great out on the road. Panel gaps are acceptable and probably what you got from the factory in '69, and the vinyl roof gives it a formal look that belies its humble origins. There are no modifications to the sheetmetal, and definitely no rust, making this a car that you can show with pride. The chrome and stainless trim has all been painted black, which gets credit for the industrial, purposeful look this car carries. Even the grille is blacked out, which is what really gives it that butch Mad Max look. The same can't be said for the interior, which is handsomely trimmed in gray vinyl and maroon fabric, creating a sophisticated driver's compartment that's as comfortable as it is functional. The work looks so good, this should have been an OEM option on the car when it was new, and the workmanship is first rate. There's no wear to speak of, and it's obvious that someone spent a lot of time planning the looks inside this Falcon. There's a beautiful wood-rimmed Grant GT steering wheel framing the original gauges, which consist of the speedometer and a fuel gauge. A custom console has been built between the bucket seats and incorporates a B&M QuickSilver shifter for the automatic, as well as a pair of cup holders. You may also have noticed that this is a radio delete car, and remains that way to this day, which is kind of an interesting choice that's sure to get people talking. The carpets, dash pad, door panels and headliner are all new as well, and everything is so nicely assembled, it's just not right to call this an economy car anymore. Under the skin, the Falcon and the Mustang are fraternal twins, so the 170 cubic inch inline-six under the hood should look very familiar to pony car fans. You can be forgiven for thinking there'd be a V8 under there, but the six has its own appeal. One, it's unusual, and like the rest of the car, it's definitely going to get people to stop for a second look. Two, it's practical, often turning in fuel mileage in the mid-20s. And three, in this lightweight car, it's a pretty sprightly performer in its own right. Like the rest of the car, it's wearing its best dress black, and shows signs of regular maintenance. There's nothing radical going on under there, so it's easy to service, inexpensive to repair, and parts are available at the corner auto parts store, even today. The transmission is a C4 3-speed automatic and the chassis is solid and largely original with nothing more serious than some surface rust that's non-structural. A cool dual exhaust system has been custom fabricated to give the six a high-performance voice, and the 14-inch Magnum-style wheels will never go out of fashion. This tidy Falcon comes with restoration photos, and the title seems to bear out the original mileage claims. It's unusual, but in all the right ways-great bodywork, a cool color combination, and a beautifully done interior. Practical and fun to drive, it's a hobby car that doesn't cost much to buy or own. You couldn't build this car for the asking price, and that's a bargain in anyone's eyes. Call today!

Reference Number 125319

as of 5/11/2011

Car 1969 Ford Falcon
VIN 9K10U217483 
Mileage 51,533 miles 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
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See all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this Car