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To be sold at the Gooding & Company Pebble Beach Auctions on August 20 and 21, 2011. For further details please visit www.goodingco.com or contact a vehicle specialist at 001.310.899.1960. Engine Specifications: 265 CID Flathead V-8 Engine Four Stromberg 81 Carburetors Estimated 200 BHP 3-Speed Manual Gearbox with Halibrand Quick Change Rear End 2-Wheel Rear-Mounted Ford Drum Brakes Solid-Axle Front Suspension with Radius Rods, Transverse Leaf Spring and Houdaille Shock Absorbers Solid-Axle Rear Suspension with Radius Rods, Transverse Leaf Spring and Tubular Shock Absorbers About this Car: In 1950, Al Dal Porto and John Errecalde, two car enthusiasts from Stockton, California, decided to build a flathead-powered roadster suitable for circle-track racing. Soon after embarking on the project, the pair became mesmerized by the burgeoning hot rod scene that surrounded the nearby dry lakes and drag strips. As a result, the following year, their track roadster was taken to legendary Bay Area metal craftsman and race car constructor Jack Hagemann for an extensive overhaul. After a new chrome-moly channel frame was fabricated and wrapped in a streamlined body that recalled the era?s Indy roadsters, the true form of the Dal Porto Roadster began to take shape. Meanwhile, Errecalde built up a potent Mercury flathead linked to the rear wheels by a 1932 Ford gearbox with Zephyr gears and the much-admired Halibrand quick-change rear end. Even though the car?s credentials were impressive, it was the spectacular attention to detail that really set the Dal Porto Roadster apart from the competition. In typical Hagemann fashion, the entire machine was thoughtfully engineered from the ground up, beautifully crafted and neatly finished with aero-influenced Dzuz fasteners. To complete the intimidating package, the Dal Porto Roadster was painted entirely in black with just enough cadmium-plating and polished chrome for dramatic effect. Dal Porto raced his creation regularly, although some of the roadster?s best runs took place with Ray Righetti, a fellow member of the Glendale Sidewinders and the VTA Mid-Cal Stockers. In 1951 and 1952, the car won its class at the dry lakes and recorded an impressive 155.64 mph at the May 1952 SCTA meet. Beyond this performance, a 118 mph run at the Kingdom Airstrip quarter-mile drag races in Lodi helped cement an intimidating reputation. Eager to show off his new thoroughbred, Mr. Dal Porto entered his Roadster in the 1952 Grand National Roadster Show in Oakland where, not surprisingly, the handsome race car received First Place for Beauty and Construction in the lakester class. After being pictured in the pages of Hot Rod magazine, the Dal Porto Roadster made the cover of Hop Up magazine?s July 1952 issue and was the subject of a feature article, complete with a full cutaway drawing by Jim Richards. Hop Up praised the sleek hot rod, describing it as ?one of, if not the, sharpest looking and best constructed roadsters in existence? and remarked upon its stylish appearance saying, ?It?s among the top cars for looks in spite of the lack of chrome ?goodies.?? Sadly, just as its career was taking off, the Dal Porto Roadster met a tragic end when, in 1952, it crashed during a high-speed run at the dry lakes. The wrecked car remained in storage with John Errecalde until the mid-1970s, at which time it was given to his friend and well-known Stockton parts dealer Carl Schmid. In 1993, the project was sold to Don Orosco, who was eventually persuaded to sell it to the current owner. After considerable research, days were spent scouring through Schmid?s parts collection where more original components were discovered, including the distinctive gas tank, front axle and radiator. The painstaking, 3,000-plus hour restoration that followed used as much of the original body and chassis as possible while relying on crystal-clear Dean Batchelor photographs to analyze the most minute details. The frame and metal work was entrusted to Classic Craft Motorsports in Springfield, Ohio, a respected Indy Roadster authority known for its vintage race preparation and quality metalwork. Famed Southern California hot-rodder Art Chrisman assembled and tested a flathead engine that was designed to duplicate the performance and character of the original. With a tremendous amount of care and dedication, the restoration was finally completed in 2010 and the result is sensational. Every last detail, from the NOS Firestone Indianapolis tires to the correct C-O-TWO fire extinguisher and aircraft-style seat belts, has been faithfully addressed. Justifiably, this exquisite Roadster won its class and received the Bruce Meyer Preservation Award during its post-restoration debut at the 2011Grand National Roadster Show. A remarkable example dating from the glory days of California hot rodding, the Dal Porto Roadster is sure to impress the most discerning collector and appeals to the enthusiast with a pas- sion for exceptional examples of American ingenuity and craftsmanship.

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as of 12/24/2011

Car 1950 Dal Porto Roadster
Exterior / Interior Color Black / Black 
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