1961 Turner MKISOLD


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Registration No: XUJ 799
Engine No: 95H3267
CC: 948
Colour: N/A
Trim Colour: N/A
MOT: None

Reference Number 126675

as of 5/19/2011

Car 1961 Turner MKI
VIN 61/482 
Transmission Manual Shift 
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Known History

H&H are indebted to the vendor for the following description:


"After Bob Gerard retired from a highly successful grand prix career he raced for fun with a little known car built by Jack Turner. In the hands of Bob Gerard the ingeniously designed and engineered Turner became a 'giant killer' - his famous 1956 racer 'PBC 300' going on to win the Autosport Championship in 1959. Combining good looks with fine handling and lively performance, Turners became popular both as daily transport and weekend racers. Over half of the 670 Turner cars made are thought to have survived. Many were exported to the USA where they are still in demand for historic racing. Of the 160 MKI Turners built, 'XUJ 799' is among just 83 cars known to still exist.


Julian Gerard kindly provided the following information: 'XUJ 799' was originally supplied in kit form by Gordon Unsworth of Team Turner fame and later acquired by Bob Gerard during 1979 as a successor to 'PBC 300', with the intention of preparing it for Julian Gerard to race. However, the project was abandoned due to the rapid expansion of Gerard's Honda dealership. Julian had plenty of experience of Turners having autocrossed them and driven 'PBC 300' in its rebodied form (re-registered as '6 BBC') on the road. Unfortunately, he pranged the latter and sold it to Alfa Romeo racer Richard Shardlow. It subsequently disappeared, believed scrapped.


'XUJ 799' is now being offered in partially disassembled form, having undergone extensive, 'ground up' restoration work which included the sourcing of a new lightweight inner tub and outer fibreglass body. The car features an early drum-braked chassis and is appropriately equipped with competition alloy doors - as per 'FBC 300', with the option to complete the rear inner wheel and boot valance in aluminium - as per the famous 'Tatty' Turner. 'XUJ 799' is almost complete and sports many original fittings such as rear light clusters and door furniture etc, while all missing components should be readily available. Turners are becoming increasingly sought after not only as entertaining road cars but also as an inexpensive and highly competitive entry into classic racing - especially FIA and HSCC events (not to mention the invitation only Goodwood Revival meeting). As a BMC 950 Sprite-engined car, this tempting MKI is eligible for the burgeoning HRDC 'Grand Touring Greats' series".