1969 Daimler 250 V8SOLD

COYS - Ragley Hall auction - Sunday 9th September 2007

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Estimate: ú7,000-9,000

Sold: ú9,410

In October 1959, the Jaguar Mk. II appeared, making a good car even better. Similar to the Mk I in appearance but with much larger glass area, it boasted a wider rear track to improve roadholding, minor suspension changes to reduce body roll and all round discs rather than drum brakes. Engine options included the 120bhp 2.4, the 210bhp 3.4 or the 220bhp 3.8 litre. There was also, however, a further option in the form of a 2­ litre V8-engined Daimler model. Sharing an identical bodyshell to the Jaguars, it was identifiable by the traditionally fluted radiator grille and number plate lamp, discreet 'D' badges on hub caps and rear bumper and '2­ Litre V8' motif on the boot lid. Running gear remained as for the Jaguars but at its heart was a superb cast-iron V8 with alloy cylinder heads. Designed by the talented Edward Turner, famed for his motorcycle designs, it was a sweet-revving and willing gem, smooth and refined, producing 140bhp at 5,800rpm and 1551b/ft at 3,600rpm. It also provided sparkling performance via its standard automatic transmission and was appreciably faster than the 2.4 litre Jaguar. The only major change came in October 1967 when a facelift, in line with the Jaguar Mk IIs, saw the adoption of 'pencil' bumpers, reclining seats, restyled interior trim, heated rear window and an alternator, the Daimler being simultaneously renamed the 250 V8. Production ended in late 1969.

The previous lady owner this example drove the car for over 15 years, almost right up to its current mileage of 114,000. There are bills for works carried out on the gearbox at 93,787 miles, a carburettor overhaul at 107,457 miles and suspension and engine mountings at 108,564 miles; slightly later, at 109,668 miles, a complete stainless steel exhaust system was installed and at 111,547 miles a complete engine rebuild took place; finally, at 113,586 miles, a comprehensive overhaul of the entire braking system was completed. With over ú4,000 spent over the last 6,000 miles, the work having been carried out by leading Jaguar specialist Tuer's of Southwaite, this extensively well-maintained and original car represents an extremely fine example of this Daimler model.

Reference Number 12685

as of 8/31/2007

Car 1969 Daimler 250 V8
VIN 1K5468BW