1957 Porsche Tractor & PloughSOLD

COYS - Ragley Hall auction - Sunday 9th September 2007

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Estimate: ú5,000-8,000

Sold: ú5,293

Although not a producer of sports cars until 1948, Dr Ferdinand Porsche had by then been building tractors for 34 years. His first was supplied to the Austrian army to haul its Skoda-built 13.5mm guns and the first farm tractor came the following year, in 1915, controlled remotely by a person walking behind it rather than on it. It was while at Daimler-Benz, to which he had moved in 1923, that Porsche commenced work on diesel engines. Eight years later he formed his own company and in 1934 produced three petrol-engined prototype tractors before, over 1937/1938 developing the Volkspflug or People's Plough, commissioned by the German government. Porsche also developed a unique, air-cooled diesel engine with outputs ranging from 14hp to 55hp and by the 1950s one, two, three and four cylinder tractors were available.

After World War Two only companies in Germany which had been doing so before and during the war were allowed to produce tractors and this, together with his involvement with the 356 sports car, led to Porsche licencing German company Allgaier to build his designs as Allgaier-System Porsche models. Three years later, however, in 1956, Mannemann bought out Allgaier and started production, under the name Porsche-Diesel, in the expanded and now state of the art old Zeppelin factory near Friedrichschafen. Development of the 1938 111 model had been put on hold during hostilities but by the 1950s, with its 11hp, 822cc, single cylinder engine and four speed gearbox, the model had become part of a very successful range. Production ceased in 1964, after over 150,000 tractors had been built, when Renault took over Porsche-Diesel, although the French concern was to sell its own tractors under the Porsche-Diesel name.

Part of a private collection for many years, this fine 111 model underwent restoration in 1993 and has since been the subject of a feature in Porsche World.

Fitted with a plough and finished in red with yellow wheels, and described as being in excellent working condition, this delightful machine is accompanied by a large history file and would be ideal for both showroom and display purposes.

Reference Number 12696

as of 8/31/2007

Car 1957 Porsche Tractor & Plough
VIN 12093/012510102