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Designed and prototyped for Jowett by ERA and their chief engineer Robert Eberan von Eberhorst of Auto Union racing car fame, the Jupiter is a very advanced piece of engineering for its time. It has a tubular semi space-frame chassis with torsion bar front and rear suspension powered by Jowett's excellent flat four 1.5 litre engine linked to a really nice four speed gearbox operated by a very precise column change, the whole being clothed in an (almost totally) aluminium low drag body. Jupiters had great success in competition, winning their class at Le Mans in 1950, 1951 and 1952, taking a class win in the 1951 Monte Carlo rally and overall first in both the 1951 Lisbon and de L'isleran rallies, a first at Watkins Glen in 1951 plus several records at Le Mans, Monaco, Dundrod, Silverstone, Prescott and Goodwood amongst many other successes. This particular car really is in top class condition having been the subject of a total restoration a few years ago since when it has clearly been maintained to a high standard. It really is a joy to drive with precise steering, strong brakes and a nice firm ride giving good confidence-inspiring handling - the only thing that surprises me about it is why Jupiters aren't better known today given their design provenance and competition history - maybe the Jowett enthusiasts are keeping them to themselves! If you would like a really interesting, unusual, stylish and all round entertaining car then this may be the one for you. NB it comes with a most comprehensive set of documents, restoration pictures, manuals, Jupiter & Jowett books, Jowett club magazines and several very useful spares.

Reference Number 127039

as of 5/20/2011

Car Jowett Jupiter
Configuration Right Hand Drive (RHD) 
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