1983 Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7SOLD

COYS - Ragley Hall auction - Sunday 9th September 2007

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Estimate: ú22,000-28,000

Sold: ú27,642

Widely regarded as one of Porsche's most legendary automobiles, the 2.7 litre 911 Carrera RS was originally conceived as a homologation special to satisfy the FIA's Group 4 production requirements, specifically a batch of 500 identical road cars. Ultimately, demand for this first 911 to carry the RS badge was so strong that over 1,500 were eventually manufactured. Launched at the Paris Salon in October 1972, it went into production almost immediately due to Porsche wanting to satisfy the FIA's demands quickly in order to be able to race its 2.8 litre RSRs during 1973. Technically made in four variations, the first to arrive was the RS H (the H in reference to Homologation) of which only 17 were built, all in the earliest days of production. Quickly superceded by the RS 2.7 in either Sport or Touring specifications, the fourth version, the 2.8 RSR, was built for Group 4 Appendix J competition.

Originally a black 1983 right-hand drive 911 SC sport with sunroof and impact-type bumpers, this Porsche has a full service history. Sold new in 1983 by Ian Anthony cars Ltd. in Lancashire, the car underwent a professional conversion in 2005 by Robin Dagwood at Westcott to its current RS 2.7 Lightweight specification. This involved replacing the roof and sunroof with a one-piece roof panel to lower the centre of gravity, the replacement of the impact-type bumpers and front and rear panels with pre-1974 panels and lightweight bumpers and fitment of a pre-1974 bonnet; the front wings were also replaced with new pre-1974 items and the rear wheel arch edges reworked as on the RS. A complete repaint followed and all black exterior trim, such as window/door frames, door handles and door mirrors were replaced with chrome items. In addition, all the heavy soundproofing, carpets and interior were replaced with their lightweight equivalents, the electric motors for the windows replaced with manual operated mechanisms and the passenger sun visor, glove box lid, dashboard clock and stereo system removed in the interest of saving weight. FIA-approved, OMP lightweight competition seats with Willans quick-release full harness belts have also been fitted.

The original three litre engine has been retained and was rebuilt by Autofarm 3,000 miles ago, while the chassis sports new 'green' Bilstein dampers, polyurethane rather than rubber bushes, lower ratio steering arms, an adjustable rear anti-roll bar, 26mm rear torsion bars, a ride height reset to RS Lightweight specification and 15in Fuchs wheels. Complete with a period 1973 registration plate, this car is a thorough and comprehensive compliment to Porsche's 911 RS lightweight racer.

Reference Number 12706

as of 8/31/2007

Car 1983 Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7