1969 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow ISOLD
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as of 5/23/2011

Car 1969 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow I
VIN SRX7010 
Known History

Although it is sometimes thought that the British Royal Family has always been loyal to Rolls Royce, it was not until the 1950s that this noble name took the place of their traditional Daimlers. Hence the appearance of Queen Elizabeth II in a Silver Cloud II, a car which, introduced in 1959, marked the entry of Rolls Royce into the modern era. Although the shape of the car is still very traditional, it conceals a new light-alloy 6,230-cm3 V8 engine with overhead valves. Three years later, the Silver Cloud III dared to break with tradition, with four headlights framing the high radiator grille. These lights were preserved on the Silver Shadow, which in 1965 moved still further away from the slightly over-formal tradition of the Crewe 4-doors. With its pontoon, single-piece (monocoque) bodywork and independent wheels, it even adopted a rear-mounted hydraulic system licensed from CitroŰn, while the additional capacity of the V8 allowed this vehicle to exceed 190 km/h (120 mph). The interior dÚcor is still rich in wood and leather, with luxurious fittings to guarantee the occupants? comfort. Despite being modern, the Silver Shadow is still a true Rolls Royce.


With its dark green colour and beige leather interior, the Silver Shadow that we are presenting was sold new in France. It has been with its current owner since 2005 and the current mileage shown is 26,700 km (16,687 miles). This probably reflects a total of 126,700 km (79,187 miles) covered since the car was new (the clock contains only five digits). It has been carefully maintained, and a number of bills dated 2005 and totalling over ?10,000 indicate that much work has been done, including replacement of shock absorbers, restoration of hydraulic suspension, replacement of exhaust pipe, work on cooling circuit and ventilator, and restoration of the rear window panel and rear transmission. Since this work and a change of tyres in 2004, the car has covered a little over 10,000 km. It still has its English-language user?s manual. French title.