1961 Aston Martin DB4 SÚrie 3SOLD
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Aston Martin DB4 SÚrie 3

Reference Number 127361

as of 5/23/2011

Car 1961 Aston Martin DB4 SÚrie 3
VIN DB4 / 742 / R 
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Known History

The new 3,670 cm3 capacity, straight-6 aluminium engine with a double overhead camshaft, which was designed by Tadek Marek and tested in the chassis of the DBR, was ready for production by 1958. The DB4 was showcased at the London Motor Show in 1958.

At the 1956 Turin Motor Show, and then in London, a convertible prototype based on the Aston Martin was presented and it won first prize in a competition organized by a big newspaper. These were the first signs of a collaboration which, for the DB4, was characterised by the acquisition of the Touring Superleggera licence. Frederico Formenti was behind the wonderful bodywork for Touring, which was produced in the workshops of Tickford, Newport Pagnell. (According to some anglophiles, the bodywork of the DB4 owed much to Harold Beach, one of the technical directors at Aston Martin, who followed the project closely.)


The car which was produced by this Anglo Italian collaboration has always been hugely successful: from October 1958 to June 1963 Aston Martin released one thousand one hundred and ten examples of the DB4 in five series which were practically identical to the original prototype.


Number of cars released:

DB4 series I: 149 examples

DB4 series II: 351 examples

DB4 series III: 165 examples

DB4 series IV: 260 examples, 30 of which were convertibles

DB4 series V: 185 examples, 40 of which were convertibles


The car we are presenting is a series III with a radiator grille that is characteristic of the first three series. It has a large, 12 litre oil plan (another characteristic of series 3 cars) and new rear lights. It is right-hand drive and has a red leather passenger compartment, red leather seats and inner door panels, together with the original red carpeting. It is a superb car which has not been driven a great deal - the vendor says that it had 80,000 km on the clock when he bought it. It has been in France since 1998 and was previously kept in Scotland. Both the cylinder head gasket and the radiator were restored in 2008. The original engine has been retained and the oil pressure and oil pressure at idle when the engine is hot are 30lb and 120lb respectively. Apparently, the brake calipers have recently been restored, however we have only seen two recent maintenance bills and a bill for the cylinder head gasket. The car is equipped with Michelin X Pilot. The DB4 is still a GT must, with its elegant aluminium bodywork and its ?flexible? engine reaching 243 hp, it is one of those classic cars which will only ever increase in value.