1967 Jaguar 420 GSOLD
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Jaguar 420 G

Reference Number 127385

as of 5/23/2011

Car 1967 Jaguar 420 G
VIN G1D77618BW 
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Known History

An exceptionally comfortable five-seater capable of 200km/h : this could have been the slogan for the Jaguar Mk X when it was launched in 1961. With this model William Lyons made sure that no expense was spared, either technically or in the car?s specification: independent suspension all round, disc brakes, power steering. Moreover it boasted a 265 bhp E-Type engine, providing a heady mix of superior performance and impeccable handling. The interior is lavishly appointed, resplendent in wooden trim, picnic tables with courtesy mirrors, and leather upholstery on the seats and door cards?In 1964 the Mk X was improved, receiving a 4.2-litre engine and a new, more efficient automatic gearbox. Three years later it became known as the 420G, in reference to its little sister, the 420. With only 1125 LHD examples built, it has become very rare today.


Sold new in Canada, this car was bought by the present owner in 2008 from M. Joubert, a friend and a fashion photographer, who had owned the car since 2005. The engine had only covered 6000km since being re-built (no bills available). In the current owner?s hands, this 420G has been completely restored by marque specialist Jaguar SPR in Clichy, and SPR?s proprietor, StÚphane, has itemised the work completed : back to bare metal restoration, brakes and steering overhauled, silent blocks replaced, ?the high quality of the work is apparent in driving the car: no vibration, very responsive, well-balanced suspension, smooth gear changes. This Jaguar is surprisingly easy to handle, given its size. The interior has been restored and reflects the overall condition of the car, with superb wooden trim and black leather upholstery. It is unusual to find cars with such a high standard of craftsmanship, something which adds greatly to the enjoyment of the drive.

A car epitomising the luxury automobile of the 1960s, it is fitted with four electric windows with tinted glass, and comes with the Jaguar owner?s manual in French.