1967 Jaguar 420SOLD
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Jaguar 420

Reference Number 127386

as of 5/23/2011

Car 1967 Jaguar 420
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Known History

In 1962, the Jaguar Mk II was the fastest saloon in the world but was fitted with a rigid rear axle, whereas the E-Type and the Mark X benefitted from independent rear suspension. Wanting to improve on this, William Lyons launched a new model in 1964 ? the S -Type. Incorporating the newly developed rear suspension ensured improved handling, and the redesigned roof provided a more spacious interior. The boot was modelled on the Mk X, and the interior was in keeping with all luxurious Jaguar saloons, featuring plenty of wood and leather detailing. Exceptional performance was improved further in 1966 with the introduction of the six cylinder 4.2-litre model. This became known as the 420, having been designed to resemble its big sister, the 420G. It embodies the ultimate evolution of this wonderful line of Jaguar saloons, which was succeeded by the XJ series.


The Jaguar 420 offered here was sold new by Jaguar in Paris (copy of the original invoice available), where the car has always been registered. When it was purchased by the present owner from Classic Car in 2008, the odometer recorded 76,000km, thought to be the genuine mileage and in keeping with the general condition of the car. Maintained by specialists SPR Jaguar, it has had some ?8,000 of work undertaken (bills available) : front suspension, brakes, water pump, ignition, rear axle, silent blocks, stainless steel exhaust, headliner. A true enthusiast, the owner has made sure that his cars are capable of trouble-free long journeys such as a trip he undertook to Portugal for a holiday. We can vouch for this, having had an opportunity to drive the car, which performed faultlessly : comfortable and well-equipped, a smooth and silent ride, it offers all the punch of an XK engine with the ease of an automatic gearbox. The 420 offers all the features of an improved Mk II at a more modest price.