1995 Aston Martin DB7 coupéSOLD
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Aston Martin DB7 coupé NO RESERVE

Reference Number 127391

as of 5/23/2011

Car 1995 Aston Martin DB7 coupé
VIN SCFAA11165K100451 
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Known History

Ford?s 1987 investment in the capital of Aston Martin saved this historic make from its much-publicised decline. After the Virage, Aston Martin resolutely decided to follow a new direction in both style and mechanics. The DB7, launched in 1993, owes much of its charm and indeed legitimacy to the Aston Martins of the 1950s and 1960s. First, it has six in-line cylinders on a platform derived from the Jaguar XK8. Next, it adopts a design that has the signature of Ian Callum all over, including the distinctive features of the old Astons, such as the radiator grille shape, including them in an elegant and streamlined body. Finally, it still carries the ?DB? initials of David Brown, which are the crowning glory of the make. With 335 horse power, the 3.2-litre capacity gives this magnificent car a top speed of 260 km/h (162 mph). With its noble lineage, this car was a huge success that helped the troubled Aston Martin firm to rediscover its lost peace of mind.


Purchased in 2008 by its current owner from Runnymede Motor, a British specialist in sports and luxury cars, the DB7 on offer shows a mileage of 128,800. As the tickets appended to the maintenance manual every six months witness, this car has been constantly maintained within the Aston Martin network or by specialists in the make. In 2001, when it had covered 49,630 miles (80,000 km), it underwent a total engine replacement at the Chiltern Aston Car Care Works in Baringdon costing £25,000 (bill on file). This car, manufactured in England, was registered in France by its current owner through the certificate of compliance issued by the official Aston Martin importer Auto Performance Paris. Living in France but working in Geneva, the vendor has had the car regularly serviced at Keller Motorcars and then at Bellido in Geneva. With its metallic grey colour and pale grey interior, this right-hand drive French-registered vehicle offers excellent-quality presentation and a history of careful and continuous service.