1924 CitroŽn Type C3 (5 HP)SOLD
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CitroŽn Type C3 (5 HP) NO RESERVE

Reference Number 127398

as of 5/23/2011

Car 1924 CitroŽn Type C3 (5 HP)
VIN 39293 
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Known History

The car that became the celebrated three-seater ?TrŤfle? (Clover) 5HP CitroŽn needs no introduction. The first Type C was launched at the 1921 Salon de Paris in the shape of a small two-seater torpedo based on the first CitroŽn, the 1919 Type A. By 1923 this had become the C2 (with a reinforced chassis) and by 1925 the C3 (with extended wheelbase) had appeared. This wheelbase is always available in torpedo and two-seat convertible, and also in the ?clover? three-seater torpedo. The success of the C3 (30,000 cars produced in 1925 in the three styles) did not however deter Andrť CitroŽn from stopping production in May 1926. The ease of driving it, plus its robustness and long life-span, are legendary and some 5-HPs are still on the road every day more than 25 years after leaving the factory.


The car on offer was bought in Essonne in 1996 from a private owner who had had it since 1988. Bought in its original state, the car was restored by a retired mechanic with respect for all the original features (engine, radiator, electrics etc.). The standard of the work was excellent. This very desirable car holds a French collector?s title.