2002 Ligier JS22 Be-Up, quadricycle lourdSOLD
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Ligier JS22 Be-Up, quadricycle lourd NO RESERVE

Reference Number 127403

as of 5/23/2011

Car 2002 Ligier JS22 Be-Up, quadricycle lourd
VIN 0915 
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Known History

The great sportsman, Guy Ligier, made his name in car sports at the beginning of the 1960s, in a Ford GT40 whose wheel he shared in endurance tests with his friend Jo Schlesser. Together they decided to go into the construction of sports cars. Unfortunately, Jo succumbed to injuries from his accident in the French Grand Prix in 1968, but Guy Ligier remained faithful to him with the letters "JS" which he gave to the cars he manufactured. The JS1 first appeared at the Salon de Paris in 1969: Guy Ligier was now a car manufacturer. At the same time, he continued to compete as team owner and, from 1976, his Formula 1 cars had some great results, including second place in the world championship of car manufacturers in 1980. After several years of lacklustre performances, the team became "Prost Grand Prix" in 1997.

In the meantime, Guy Ligier turned his hand to another speciality, less prestigious, but very promising, that of no-licence cars. This uniquely French speciality authorises those under the age of 16, without a licence, to drive small cars of less than 350 kg which do not exceed 45 km/h. Guy Ligier follows the development of this market, which is very lively today.

The Ligier Be-Up, launched at the beginning of the decade of 2000, is halfway between a car and a scooter. With a playful appearance and use, it has no doors and a high fashion design, by Laura Giugiaro. It is available with two engines, a diesel flat-twin engine which provides up to 5.6 hp (limited to 45 km/h) and a petrol version which reaches 85 km/h.


Grey, with blue seats, this Ligier Be-Up is the ?fast? version, reserved for those with a driving licence. It only has 250 km on the clock and has just undergone a full service of the carburettor. Extremely playful and fun to drive, this nervous car which is easy to park, makes it possible to thread through the traffic in town while sheltered from bad weather. The advantages of the scooter, without the disadvantages.