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1966 Chevrolet Chevelle

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Discovered in 2005 after a lifetime with a single owner, this immaculately restored 1966 Chevelle SS396 has been treated to a cost-no-object restoration to concours condition. Exactly duplicating the factory specifications, this is a real code 138 car, with matching numbers throughout. Whenever possible, the original parts and equipment were retained, including the hardware, brightwork, and engine accessories. Obsessive? Perhaps, but you won't find many nicer '66 big block Chevelles anywhere, and certainly none with this one's clean southern history. Code EE Danube Blue is this car's original color, and it's a deep, dark blue that looks almost black under many conditions. For a big block Chevelle with redline tires and dog dish hubcaps, I like that brutal sleeper look just fine. In fact, it's vastly nicer than it was new, and those big, dark quarter panels-which are original, by the way-are straight enough to pass as mirrors. The entire body was very carefully assembled with good caps and careful alignment of doors, deck and hood, with the end result being one of the nicest early Chevelles we've ever seen. Only the hood was replaced, but the new unit is an exact reproduction of the original, right down to the brightly plated inserts. The basic sleeper look is enhanced by the car's relative lack of bright trim, but the important things remain: 'Super Sport' badges on the quarters, crossed flag '396 Turbo-Jet' emblems on the front fenders, the blacked-out SS grille, and another SS badge on the tail panel. The bumpers look like they could be original, and given this car's history, I wouldn't be surprised, although the chrome is awfully nice. There's new weather stripping throughout the car, and the vent window frames have been rechromed, while the stainless was polished and freshened. Finally, a new date-coded tinted windshield was installed which has never seen a drop of rain. Inside you'll find that this is no stripped-down base model, but rather a nicely optioned cruiser with a lot of freshly restored components. Code 763-B black bucket seats feature new covers and fresh foam underneath, and the back seat is just as nice. A center console is a nice upscale addition that includes a clock up front, while the dash is full of freshly rebuilt gauges. However, just to give you an idea of how well preserved this car was when it was discovered, that's the original dash pad and it almost exactly matches the new door panels. Overhead there's a new headliner, and fresh carpets are on the floors, and the classic steering wheel with a horn ring is in superb condition. The trunk will provide more evidence that this is a super-clean car, with no signs of rust or repairs anywhere, as well as a new trunk mat and a matching spare wheel and tire with jack. However, I'm guessing that most of you are looking at this car hungry for details on the big block under the hood. Fully rebuilt and beautifully detailed, the engine bay is as nice as the rest of the car. The car was matching numbers when it was discovered, although during the rebuild, decking the block removed the numbers as commonly happens. All the stock components were remachined and reinstalled in the block, including the crank and rods, while new bearings and gaskets were used throughout, creating an as-new 1966 396 cubic inch V8. Other items, such as the carburetor, alternator, starter, fuel pump, brake master cylinder, and even the wiper motor were rebuilt and reinstalled, not tossed and replaced with generic parts store units. The original distributor was rebuilt, but carries HEI internals for better performance and reliability. Reproduction hoses and tower clamps were used throughout, and new decals were applied wherever they were appropriate. The fan belt is an amazing NOS piece that's probably best for show purposes and not on the road-where would you find another? The original exhaust manifolds dump into a reproduction dual exhaust system that sounds like it should. The engine is backed by the original two-speed Powerglide transmission and numbers-matching 12-bolt full of 3.73s and a Posi. Given this car's configuration, I don't think that was an accident. The Powerglide has long been renowned as a reliable and deadly accurate transmission for bracket racing. The floors and chassis are extremely clean, with no undercoating hiding the original steel panels. The original springs, ball joints, center link, and tie rod ends were all nice enough to be reused, while a new idler arm was installed to tighten up the steering. The brakes were fully rebuilt with new shoes, lines, hoses, and cylinders. Correct spiral shocks were fitted, and there's a brand new gas tank out back. The original steel wheels and hubcaps were fully restored, and wear reproduction G70-14 Firestone redline tires. With just 50 miles since it was completed, this is an incredibly fast, clean early Chevelle that's ready to compete on the show field as well as on the track. The restorer took a lot of extra care to preserve the original components, and it shows with the incredible accuracy of the work. Finished to better-than-new standards throughout, it's hard to find fault with this car-the only problem may be that it's just too nice. Whatever the case, drive or show, this car is one of the best early Chevelles you'll find anywhere. Call us today! This vehicle is located in our Atlanta showroom. For more information, please call (678) 279-1609 or toll free (877) 367-1835.

Reference Number 128433

as of 6/3/2011

Car 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle
VIN 138176A147855 
Mileage 64,322 miles 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Automatic 
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