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1967 Pontiac GTO

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This is it-the car that started it all, the Pontiac GTO. As soon as John DeLorean figured out how to work around GM's rules about certain engines in certain cars, the horsepower races were on. By 1967, every major manufacturer was in the game, but the GTO was still the king of the hill in terms of performance and style, and cars like this convertible are the reason why. With a matching-numbers 400 cubic inch V8 under the hood, options like factory air and a rare FM radio, as well as a folding top, this Goat is all about summertime fun. Originally a California car, and restored about nine years ago, this GTO is a solid, clean car that presents well both mechanically and cosmetically. It has been driven, of course, because it's awfully hard to resist a car like this when the sun is shining, but overall it remains handsome and attention-grabbing. During restoration, this car was refinished in Dark Tahoe Turquoise Metallic, which was the closest possible match to the original code L Mariner Turquoise Metallic color. There's evidence that the workmanship was first rate when the car was restored, and it's a professional cut and buff away from being a one car parade today. The chrome is still crisp and bright, with correct GTO mesh grilles up front and bright stainless rocker moldings which are in excellent condition. This is definitely one of those cars where a weekend or two of elbow grease will pay BIG dividends on the show field or at resale time. Originally equipped with a code 235 black bench seat interior, this one looks far fresher with a set of bright Parchment seat covers. Not only do they complement the turquoise bodywork better than black, but they're a lot friendlier in the sun, which is where you're going to spend a lot of time in this convertible. Of course, the color change means new door panels and a new back seat cover were also part of the restoration, and the items that remain black are correct, even for Parchment. That means new black carpets, and the black dash pad was restored to original condition. The gauges appear original, including the optional tachometer with adjustable redline needle. FM radio was a big deal in 1967, and having an AM/FM radio in your car was nothing short of miraculous back then. Today, you'll appreciate being able to listen to your favorite music without needing an adapter or some kind of aftermarket radio to do so. The woodgrain appliques on the dash also appear original, and suggest that this car has led a pretty easy life, and the steering wheel is simply gorgeous. The code 1 Ivory power convertible top was recently replaced and works as it should, folding into the well with the touch of a button. A matching Parchment boot covers the top in the stowed position. In 1967, Pontiac upgraded the base engine in the GTO, giving it an extra 11 cubic inches, making a nice, round 400. With a single four-barrel carburetor, horsepower remained at a very impressive 360 and the extra cubic inches made for impressive torque. Chrome on the valve covers and air cleaner lid was standard, because Pontiac wanted GTO customers to know that they were getting much more than a Tempest with a hot engine, and traditional Pontiac Turquoise paint gave the engine a connection to the past. You'll note in the photos that this one carries a load of power equipment, including A/C, power steering, and power brakes, and the original air injection system remains intact and functional-typically these were the first parts tossed into the dumpster when a new GTO owner got his prize home from the dealer. Today, those components are incredibly rare and add significantly to a car's value. The chassis is clean, albeit showing some signs of road duty but no rust or damage. The 3-speed automatic transmission was an upgrade over 1966's 2-speed Powerglide option, and it spins a rugged 12-bolt rear that was easily up to the challenge of the 400's torque output. Wheels are handsome Pontiac Rally I's with reproduction redline radial tires for a classic look and modern handling. Documentation includes a package of information from Pontiac Historical Services, including a copy of the original window sticker, build sheet, and production information from 1967. The 1967 Pontiac GTO stands as one of the most beautiful muscle cars of all time. Without disturbing the matchless lines of the '66, the stylists had created an aesthetic triumph. This car can be driven without worries, and is mechanically sorted so it's reliable and fun. Handsome and comfortable, the GTO was almost the perfect blend of performance and luxury, and from behind the wheel of this one, you can't argue that it isn't a blast to drive. Drive it and enjoy it as-is, or take it to the next level with little more than a professional detailing, but either way, you're going to love this Goat in your garage. Call now!

Reference Number 129633

as of 6/15/2011

Car 1967 Pontiac GTO
VIN 242677Z121003 
Mileage 5,736 miles 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
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