1969 Jaguar D-Type Realm Engineering replicaSOLD

A really super Jaguar special which has to be seen and driven to be appreciated

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The Jaguar D Type has to be one of the most desireable cars ever built and if you are fortunate enough to have a couple of million pounds (or more!) to spare you may well be lucky enough to buy one - if you can find one for sale. If, however, like the rest of us you haven't got any chance whatsoever of raising that kind of money even if you cash in all your savings, re-mortgage your house and send your entire extended family out to work for twenty four hours a day seven days a week, then maybe you should have a look at this car. I have to confess to being more than a little sceptical about replicas in the past but when I heard this car coming down the road and saw it turning into my yard all my prejudices disappeared instantly as I was completely taken by its dramatic looks and very purposeful exhaust note. An hour's drive round the local roads has just served to reinforce my conversion as I don't think I have driven anything which is quite so much fun for a long time. Apart from its drop-dead looks and the noise it's 3.4 litre Jaguar engine makes it handles superbly well and as you might imagine it goes like a rocket!

Realm Engineering, who produced the Ram Cobra which they say is the only Cobra replica to have been approved by Carroll Shelby, have done a very good job on the design of this car and in the production of the lightweight GRP body which certainly looks the part and this one even carries very period looking instruments.

The very powerful twin cam six cylinder engine looks great and appears to be in very good order with strong oil pressure and constant water temperature even on a hot day. The suspension (all Jaguar) is very taut as is the steering and the car feels very firm on the road. I am no Jaguar expert but I am happy to believe that the driving experience in this car must put you in fairly close touch with what a D Type must have felt like in its day.

The only way to appreciate this car is to see it and drive it but be prepared to come away feeling that you definitely want to buy it as it is real show stopper. I can't think of many other cars which will bring such a grin to your face for such a relatively small amount of money!

Reference Number 131070

as of 6/27/2011

Car 1969 Jaguar D-Type Realm Engineering replica
Configuration Right Hand Drive (RHD) 
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