1977 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow IISOLD

4 Door Saloon

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Registration No: BLE515S
Engine No: 32339
CC: 6750
Colour: Blue
Trim Colour: Blue
MOT: Oct 2011

Reference Number 131442

as of 6/30/2011

Car 1977 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II
VIN SRH32339 
Mileage 98,807 miles 
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Known History

The Shadow's arrival in 1965 was none too soon and did much to reverse the notion that Rolls-Royce was falling behind the times. It resulted in many firsts for the company, including: unitary construction rather than separate body/chassis units, disc rather than drum brakes and independent rear suspension. Though shorter and narrower than the Silver Cloud III it replaced, the John Polwhele Blatchley-penned Shadow nevertheless possessed greater space for both luggage and passengers and certainly boasted far more modern looks. At launch it was powered by a 172bhp V8 engine of 6230cc, though this was enlarged to 6750cc in 1970. Early cars employed the same GM automatic transmission as the Silver Cloud, but this was superseded by the much vaunted Turbo Hydramatic system from 1970 onwards. The car's famed `magic carpet' ride was achieved courtesy of a high-pressure hydraulic system licensed from Citroen. The combination of changes introduced in 1977 was sufficient for Rolls-Royce to dub the new model `Shadow II'. The upgrades included: a switch from recirculating ball to rack-and-pinion steering, revised front end suspension geometry, and a change of carburettors, exhaust and cooling fans all aimed at improving fuel consumption. More visible alterations included the rubber-tipped bumpers, a deeper radiator shell and different door handles with more deeply recessed buttons. Still more evident was the bib spoiler below the front bumper and new style (spring-back) door mirror that was adjustable from inside the car.


'BLE 515S' is an early Shadow II manufactured in the first year of production. The coachwork is finished in Blue Aqua Caribe Metallic matched to a special order Blue Parkertex interior. The car's file contains a number of service and repair invoices on behalf of a Mrs Buksh of London (1991), Mr D. Gower (1994) and a purchase invoice in the name of Mr D Waterhouse of Manchester from 1997. There is also a run of previous MOTs understood to support the presently indicated mileage of 98,807. The vendor currently regards the bodywork, paintwork, and engine as "good" and the automatic gearbox and trim as "OK". The Rolls-Royce is taxed until the end of September and MOT'd into the following month.


PLEASE NOTE: The history file for this car has been mislaid and will be forwarded to the new owner once it has been located by the current owner.