1986 Ferrari Formula 1 F1/86SOLD
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Estimate: €250,000 - €294,000
Estimate: $344,000 - $405,000

Offered Without Reserve
AUCTION RESULTS: Lot was Sold at a price of £178.800

851bhp at 11,500 rpm, 1,496cc, Tipo 032 V-6 engine with twin side-mounted KKK or Garrett turbochargers, Weber-Marelli digital electronic injection, five-speed transverse gearbox, double wishbones and pullrod independent front and rear suspension, ventilated carbon discs all round.
Wheelbase: 110.9in. (2,816mm).

The Formula 1 ‘Turbo Era’ was perhaps one of the most exciting periods of Grand Prix history – certainly the cars of that time had the greatest raw horsepower ever unleashed on the most famous circuits of the world.

Two of the most significant developments in Formula 1 technology appeared for the first time in 1977; ground effects and turbo-charging. Lotus introduced the former, Renault the latter. The turbocharged period of Formula 1 ended after the 1988 season, banned because of the ever-increasing power, with qualifying engines producing more than 1,200 bhp, huge top speeds, and massive cornering forces.

1986 would possibly be the most intense season with these turbo-charged ‘flying machines’. It certainly produced one of the most dramatic conclusions to any Championship year in history.

In 1986 Stefan Johansson was again partnered with Michele Alboreto at Ferrari, and the season would produce one of the most competitive Championships ever. The Maranello team suffered a lot of misfortune during 1986, but the Ferrari F1/86 still achieved podium positions five times.

Just eight Ferrari F1/86 cars were built, chassis numbers 087 to 094, of which three were lost in crashes: 087 at Jerez, 090 at the Österreichring, and 091 at Montreal – all with the unfortunate Johansson at the wheel. Johansson, though, still fared better than team-mate Alboreto, scoring four podium finishes. Alboreto won at Montreal and Monaco the year before but had just one podium finish in 1986.

As the season drew to a close Ferrari was lying fourth in the Constructor’s Championship, with Johansson sixth and Alboreto eighth in the Driver’s Championship.

There were four drivers battling for the Championship: Nigel Mansell and Nelson Piquet in Williams Hondas, Ayrton Senna in a Lotus Renault, and Alain Prost in a McLaren TAG. Prost was considered the underdog but still fancied his chances. When asked why by motor racing journalist Nigel Roebuck, Alain smiled, ‘because,’ he said, ‘the other three all hate each other…’.

With just five surviving Ferrari F1/86s this is a unique opportunity to own a Ferrari from one of the most exciting periods of Formula 1 history. Stefan Johansson raced this car, chassis number 094, at the season finale, the Australian Grand Prix at Adelaide, one of the most dramatic races Formula 1 has ever produced.

The great Ayrton Senna’s hopes were gone with engine failure on lap 43, and then Nigel Mansell, perfectly placed to win his first world championship, suffered a catastrophic tyre failure. Williams made Piquet pit for a precautionary tyre change and Prost’s victory gave him his second world title. Piquet was second and Stefan Johansson, driving this iconic Ferrari, was third.

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Car 1986 Ferrari Formula 1 F1/86
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