1974 Porsche 911 Carrera RS 3.0 RSRSOLD
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After 20 years of being hidden away, this car is now available for immediate inspection, purchase and delivery worldwide.

There are just a handful of these cars left and this genuine example is in all likelihood one of the most original - and prolifically raced - examples ever to come up for sale.

These are the last naturally aspirated, road-legal, FIA GT racecars ever built by the Porsche Factory. With the recent change in historic racing rules in Europe, these are also a most competitive and sought-after racecars for a variety of the key events at which they dominate.

This exceptional car deserves to be sympathetically restored and actively raced once again, for both driver and spectator alike to enjoy!

Reference Number 1362

as of 6/22/2006

Car 1974 Porsche 911 Carrera RS 3.0 RSR
VIN 9114609068 
Exterior / Interior Color      Red 
Options Competition: Full Race setup, Racing Seats, Rollcage
Exterior: Alloy rims 
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Known History

Chassis 911.460.9068 Historical Record and Ownership Notes:


Porsche records show just 38 individual chassis numbers for this limited run of 3.0 RSR FIA Group 4 racecars.


By chassis number, this was the 21st of that 38 and one of just a handful that survive today.


This was a normal production, 3.0 RSR FIA Group Four endurance racing "GT" car. Originally this car was painted "Gelbrun" or Lime Green (Porsche Paint Color Code "137" with the standard black interior with the RSR-type cloth covered racing seats.


The original engine had number 6840081. Today this car is one of the few still fitted with a correct Type 911/75, slide-valve, fuel-injected 330 bhp engine. The engine currently fitted was the last one built and prepared by the Porsche Factory and has been with the car most of its racing life. This engine has a Porsche Racing Department stamped inventory control number on the engine boss. It is stamped "00 76."


This car was completed in January of 1974 and sold new by Porsche Client Services to German resident and well known gentleman racer, Mr. Eugen Keimele. From April 1974 to October 1987, this car competed in at least 122 documented European FIA races. This car's 14-plus year active racing span is even more extraordinary when one examines the details.


Five different private owners raced this car in its first 14 years. The fifth owner was forced by new rule changes that came into effect in 1988 to retire the car; otherwise it would have continued to race.


Symbolic purchased this car from its sixth owner who acquired it directly after its last active race in 1987. He maintained ownership for 20 years, preserving the car exactly as it was when last raced.


Going back to the car's first owner, Mr. Keimele, the race record shows that he campaigned the car in more than 30 different FIA championship and non-championship European sanctioned FIA endurance and sprint races in both the 1974 and 1975 seasons.


In late July 1975, the car was sold to its second owner, another Porsche Factory client, Hermann Neurether.


Neurether raced the car for the remainder of the 1975 season as well as two full seasons in both 1976 and 1977. He completed no less than 33 professional European FIA races with the car before selling it in September 1977 to its third German owner, Josef Baerr.


Baerr's ownership was short. He competed in just a single race, wining outright the Bergreis Oberallgau Interseries race on October 9, 1977.


After the race, the car was sold to Anton "Toni" Fischaber. With a full sponsorship package from Jaegermeister, Fischaber had the car brought up to full FIA Group 5 specifications through Porsche's Client Service Department.


As with some of the previous owners, Fischaber ran this car for two full Seasons of FIA European endurance races competing in more than a dozen different events in both 1978 and 1979.


In early 1980, the car was purchased by its fifth German owner, Ingo Sepold. The car was then campaigned by Sepold in nearly 50 different FIA-sanctioned races from 1980 until 1987.


FIA rule changes that took affect at the beginning of 1988 effectively eliminated these cars from further competition. This car was sold to Mr. Herbert who ran it in a few "old-timer events" into the early 1990s when it was placed - along with a huge spares collection - into longterm storage. Symbolic recently acquired the car from Mr. Stolz, along with the car's all original documents and an extensive spare parts collection.


Chassis 911.460.9068 Today:


This car was purchased by Symbolic Motor Car Company On February 1, 2006. The car was purchased where it had been stored in Austria for many years. Due to poor weather conditions, shipping was delayed until March 2006. It was trucked along with all spare parts to Genoa, Italy and shipped by ocean transport to the Port of Los Angeles, California.


The car cleared US Customs and arrived in Symbolic's Racing and Restoration Department on May 23, 2006. Symbolic has now had two weeks to go over in great detail the results of our own plus an independent inspection of the car.


While in need of a comprehensive restoration, this car is incredibly original and essentially rust and corrosion-free! This is especially important when one takes into consideration the Porsche's extremely long and active race career.


No significant modifications have been made to the car. It retains 100% of its original body shell or "monocoque." Not only is this "tub" complete and intact, it has near zero sign of rust or accidents. There are a few scrapes and some small dents on the main pan where the car was most likely "jacked-up" improperly during its race career. The original Porsche Factory under seal is mostly intact and where it is pealing away, the original "Lime Green" paint is peeking through.


The original "color" or "paint" tag that is riveted inside the left-side door jamb has never been removed or altered. It was covered with five distinct layers of paint and various primers. The upper layers were all varying shades of red, the current color of the car. With some chemical stripper, each successive layer of paint confirmed the various paint schemes this car ran in. With the removal of the final layer of original "Lime Green" paint the original paint code "137-7-2" was revealed.


The front pan and front and rear valence attachment points (which are both vulnerable and fragile on the 911 racecars) are in perfect order without damage or defect.


Because this car was European-only FIA raced and never ventured to the States to participate in IMSA- or SCCA-type racing, the car retains its original "December 1973" date coded original 110-liter plastic fuel tank and VDO fuel sending unit. None of the bulkheads or reinforcing panels have been cut or modified. The front cross-member of the roll bar removal revealed the original Porsche Factory hidden body number: "1043963." This is an exact match to Porsche's own production records for this car!


The original chassis number is correctly stamped just behind the fuel tank on the upper section of the tub. The original chassis plate is also intact and undamaged, and is clearly stamped "RS" as was only done on this series of car.


Just a handful of the original 38 RSRs built in this series survive today. Of those survivers, a large percentage have been restored using "replacement" or "donor" tubs from later cars. It is clear from close examination of this car that the tub is both original and in excellent condition.


The original front (fenders) wings, doors, deck lid and tail are with the car, plus many spares. The interior still has its original gauges, headliner and courtesy lights intact and unmodified. The original rubber-type floor mats and felt-type carpeting is missing but the raw bulkhead and floorpan areas are without damage or rust of any kind.


The rare 911 ventilated brakes and rotors are in excellent shape. The rears have the extremely rare extra attached hand-brake parking mechanism.


The engine is a correct Type 911/75 with the proper Bosch twin-plug ignition and slide-valve fuel-injection. It turns over freely and while not currently running, appears to have no internal or external damage.


The collection of spare parts that accompany this car are nearly priceless. There are additional gearboxes and various exhaust and suspension components, a duplicate set of body panels and second set of rims and wheels and even an ultra rare spare "twin-plug" distributor cap!


There are a few very minor and easily obtained components missing from the car. These parts are common to all early 911s. A good example is the starter motor which can be sourced just about anywhere for minimal expense. There are multiple axles and original hub assemblies. The car currently has two sets of later BBS-type wheels in addition to one set of the original type Porsche wheels.


A proper set or a reproduction set of RSR type seats will need be sourced for the car but otherwise is complete.