1913 Wolseley 16/20 LandauletSOLD

Newly arrived landaulet in very good condition.

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This is not the final version of the description of this splendid car as I have just collected it and only driven it a few miles so I am still learning about it.
I can say that it looks correct and original though I gather it was restored in the 1960s. I assume it is a restoration of an original landaulet which was probably in quite fair condition as if it was poor it would not have been surprising to have seen it carrying replica open touring bodywork.
The engine has very good compression and runs very quietly and smoothly though I need to sort out a small carburation problem and there is a small radiator leak which will be fixed. The Bosch dual ignition coil and magneto system is in situ though in practice it has been superceded by a modern coil. Similarly the pressurised fuel supply system, though apparently intact, has had an electric fuel pump added to it. The clutch and gearbox are smooth and quiet as is the rest of the transmission. It steers very well and gives a lovely comfortable ride so the springs appear to be in good order. The car has just had a new MoT issued but it has not been used much in recent years and will benefit from a really good clean which it is now getting. Underneath the dust it appears to be very sound with good paintwork and very solid well maintained coachwork, in addition the upholstery is also very good. I think that this already quite impressive 5/7 seater car with its opening rear hood will look really rather splendid when its spring clean is complete!

Reference Number 13852

as of 10/5/2007

Car 1913 Wolseley 16/20 Landaulet
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