1965 Abarth 1300 OTSOLD
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Estimate: €180,000-220,000

Sold: €13,000

In 1965 Abarth homologated a new car to compete in the FIA Division 1. That car was the 1300 OT, standing for omologato turismo, and was Abarth's replacement for the Abarth Simca 1300. While the latter had been built on a Simca 1000 platform chassis, the new car was based on a Fiat 850 floorpan, which was nearly identical, the Simca being a rejected Fiat design. Like its predecessor, the 1300 OT had suspension comprising a transverse leaf spring, hydraulic dampers and upper wishbones at the front and semi-trailing arms with coil springs and telescopic dampers at the rear. Also similar to its predecessor was the rear-mounted, five bearing, 1,290cc, double overhead camshaft engine, with twin Weber 45DCOE carburettors, mated to an Abarth-modified Fiat 850 transaxle. By now engine power had risen to 147bhp at 8,800rpm, a staggering figure in 1965!

Unlike its predecessor, the 1300 OT body was built in fibreglass, the traditional aluminium construction being consigned to the history books as far as Abarth was concerned. These very attractive bodies were crafted by Sibona and Basano, which had also built the bodies for the last of the Abarth Simcas.

Once again Abarth achieved its aim, winning the World Championship for Makes with the 1300 OT in 1967 and 1968, and securing many race wins along the way. It became common to see a pack of these exciting machines fighting among themselves for the lead in races throughout Europe, and in the larger 1600 and 2000cc classes the same was true when larger engines had been fitted. Today these rare and very exotic machines are highly regarded and very collectable.

We are proud therefore, to offer this super example, sold by ourselves some time ago in 1998, recently restored and, according to the vendor, in excellent condition. Supplied with ASI Oro papers.

Reference Number 14149

as of 10/13/2007

Car 1965 Abarth 1300 OT
VIN 137C-0041