1924 Lancia Lambda Torpedo series IVSOLD
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Estimate: €100,000-120,000

Sold: €131,800

Lancia's Lambda was one of the most innovative cars of the Twenties being the first production car to feature a load-bearing monocoque body, a form of chassis construction which would be adopted by almost every manufacturer some thirty years later. Vincenzo Lancia personally envisioned the Lambda after considering ship design and the strength that a hull needs to battle the great seas.

Every Lambda was based around a steel monocoque which eliminated the need for a heavy frame. Most of the body's strength came from the driveshaft tunnel which formed a lightweight backbone for the car. Passengers were seated beside the tunnel allowing for a lower roofline. Typically cars of this period placed all the occupants above the driveshaft which resulted in a high centre of balance.

Aside from its revolutionary body/chassis, the Lambda was also endowed with independent sliding pillar front suspension and four wheel brakes. Combining these attributes with ample power from a unique narrow-angle V4 engine, the Lambda was a driver's car. So much so that Lancia prepared a Mille Miglia version which it raced with success in that race of all road races, usually achieving finishing places in the top ten.

When Lancia released the Lambda for sale it became known for its fine road holding, spacious interior and light weight. Despite these traits, the Lambda was neither regarded as an elegant nor a luxurious car and the Italian marque described publicized it as the ''The Best Medium Powered Car in the World.'' However, this didn't deter buyers and over 11,000 cars were made from 1922 to 1931. During that period the Lambda evolved through eight different series and used progressively larger engines. The narrow-angle aluminum V4 engine was also notable, all three capacities offered sharing the same long 120mm stroke and having a single overhead camshaft serving both banks of cylinders.

The beautiful example we are proud to offer is a fourth series open tourer with the desirable shorter wheelbase. Finished in red over black with a black interior, such was its importance that it formed part of the legendary Harrah's Collection in Reno, Nevada in America. This now national institution also carried out its restoration in its famous workshops, before the car was re-imported into its native Italy in 1977. Since then it has been kept in this fantastic condition by just one owner, who never used the car but had it always maintained to the highest standards. Surely a better example of this most innovative pre-war Lancia will be difficult to find.

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Car 1924 Lancia Lambda Torpedo series IV
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