1954 Diamant Bicycle with Steppke EngineSOLD
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Estimate: $1,800-$2,200 US

Offered Without Reserve

$1,540 Sold

Specifications: 0.8hp, 37cc single-cylinder friction roller engine, 35km/h top speed

Founded in 1885, the company currently known as Diamant is Germany ’ s oldest continually operating bicycle manufacturer. In addition to inventing the modern bicycle chain, Diamant, which was recently bought out by Trek, was noted for being the official bicycle of East Germany ’ s cyclists in competition.

This specific Diamant is fitted with a 37cc friction roller engine by Steppke with the gas tank mounted vertically to the frame. The quality of the black paint is not flawless or show-quality, but certainly well suited for regular use. The effects of aging are readily apparent on the brown leather seat, hand grips, front tire, and headlight housing, but are by no means devastating. In fact, the chrome handlebar is very presentable and retains a nice shine. Given Diamant ’ s dedication to bicycle races, this particular model, fitted with an East German Steppke engine, makes for a particularly interesting showpiece and historical curiosity.

Reference Number 14848

as of 11/1/2007

Car 1954 Diamant Bicycle with Steppke Engine
VIN 13058