1951 Raleigh Bicycle with Mini-MotorSOLD
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Estimate: $1,800-$2,200 US

Offered Without Reserve

$2,420 Sold

Specifications: Single-cylinder engine, friction drive to rear wheel.

Well established bicycle manufacturer Raleigh Industries first produced a rudimentary moped in the late 1950s. The moped ĺ s designer, Vincenti Piatti, had previously invented the Mini-Motor of Great Britain, which could be mounted to the rear wheel of nearly any bicycle and was used very frequently on Raleigh bicycles as a form of propulsion with friction drive to the rear wheel.

This particular Raleigh bicycle has been finished in black with red and white pin striping. The quality of the paint is very presentable, although not show quality, as is the dark brown leather seat, leather tool pouch, handlebars, and headlight housing. The tires remain relatively unworn, although the chrome of the wire spoke wheels could benefit from polishing. Otherwise, the blue painted Mini-Motor is quite clean and is properly fitted atop the rear wheel. A hand-operated air pump, headlight, and taillight round out this well-equipped and well-preserved Mini- Motored Raleigh.

Reference Number 14850

as of 11/1/2007

Car 1951 Raleigh Bicycle with Mini-Motor
VIN AD89020