1915 Smith Motor WheelSOLD
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Estimate: $5,000-$7,500 US

Offered Without Reserve

$2,970 Sold

Specifications: 1hp, single-cylinder engine, rear-wheel driven directly by camshaft.

The Smith Motor Wheel built by the A.O. Smith Company was in fact invented in 1910 by an Englishman named Wall. By 1914, it was available Stateside as a Smith product and could be fitted as motorized propulsion to the rear wheel of nearly any bicycle. In 1919, however, the Motor Wheel ĺ s manufacturing rights were sold to two young men named Briggs and Stratton, who used it to develop their first small engine.

This particular Motor Wheel is a Ĺ New Old Stock ĺ example and has presumably never been used. As such, its overall condition is excellent, as is the Lebanon Flyer bicycle to which the Motor Wheel is mounted. With the exception of its tires, the bicycle is also in very presentable condition and is finished in black with white accents. Of the various methods used to propel bicycles, the genius of Wall ĺ s contraption lies in its simplicity ľ a motorized third wheel with nearly universal applicability.

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as of 11/1/2007

Car 1915 Smith Motor Wheel
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