1951 Powell P-81SOLD
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Estimate: $6,000-$7,500 US

$4,510 Sold

Specifications: 8hp, 23.94 cu. in. side-valve single-cylinder engine, magneto ignition, 60mph top speed.

With names inspired by American aircraft, the motor scooters produced by Powell Manufacturing Company of California greatly outperformed their competition from Cushman, both in acceleration and top speed. By featuring spaghetti-style handlebars, the P-81, which was first introduced in 1949, evoked the custom style of California ĺ s bikers and even predated Harley-Davidson ĺ s Model K.

Clean, well maintained, and very presentable, this particular P-81 is surely one of the finer examples available. The red paint, alloy wheels, as well as chrome exhaust pipe and handle bars all remain quite clean and their condition is very respectable. The black leather seat is of the same quality and the engine appears to be very clean and free of any significant accumulation of grease or grime. Although the peppy P-81 was tremendously popular with American kids, their parents were slightly unnerved by its performance, styling, and exhaust note, which may have resembled a full-grown motorcycle just a little too closely.

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as of 11/1/2007

Car 1951 Powell P-81